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Watsons Online Giveaway #9

Thank you for taking part in Giveaways #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8.Watsons has extended its giveaways by two, so Makeup Stash! will now have a total of ten giveaways. :) The rules are simple. You must: Be a Singapore resident. Complete an online task….

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Watsons Card

Watsons is set on launching a beauty blitz this year: we’ve seen mystery bags with beauty bounty, informative workshops and generous giveaways, not to mention cult brand releases and regular cosmetics promotions. Now all these things will be crystallised in the form of the Watsons Card, a life-time…

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Watsons GLOW Magazine

I was flipping through GLOW on the train and was pretty much occupied by the magazine throughout my 30-minute journey. For S$2, it certainly provides a fair bit of reading material. The first thing that struck me as I was going through the mag was the sheer number…

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Merry Emakeupmeup 2008: Giving

Every year, I take part in an annual secret gift exchange on Emakemeup. On the board, this exchange of beauty goodies is affectionately known as Merry EMMU or MEMMU, for short. Similar to a Secret Santa gift exchange, every MEMMU participant is assigned a pal (or two, depending…

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21 Beauty Buys from Watsons

During a recent jaunt to Watsons, I saw a slew of posters proclaiming the celebration of its 21st anniversary this year. I didn’t know they’d been around for this long! The store has come a long way. A simple drugstore that sold generic items in the past, it…

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Gransenbon in Singapore

Not only have we had news that Majolica Majorca is launching in Singapore, word has it that another cult Japanese drugstore brand is headed here. Gransenbon – the brand that produces delectable powder blushes shot through with beautiful shimmer – is apparently making its way to Singapore end-October….

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