Delicious Curlers

Yet another visit to Sasa yesterday revealed that the Eyecurl II is retailing for S$15.20, as of this post. A 20% discount is currently being offered on this heated curler, so this would be a good time to purchase it. :)

I checked out the Shiseido Eye Lash Curler as well and saw that its price has risen to S$16.20 (no discount though…yet!). Both work well in tandem to create curled and lasting lashes. I know they will be staples in your makeup tool collection.

The Shiseido suits many people but if you’re leery of the price, try the Cyber Colors one. It is made in Japan and is comparable to the Shiseido one, according to some. Its retail price is a low S$10 and it is also on discount right now at Sasa! ;)


  • Chev says:

    I just got the Marquillage curler yesterday. Before discount was $19, so more exp than the shiseido one. The SA was telling me that the curvature of this one is flatter than the shiseido one. Have you tried this one?

  • makeupmag says:

    Good buy! I have it and like it. It is indeed flatter and reaches the lashes in the far corners but it can pinch me slightly. Sometimes it doesn’t though. I wish it fits perfectly on me all the time, like the MAC, Shiseido and Suqqu!

    It seems to do well as a finisher curler, after I’ve already curled with a regular curler.

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