Glasses for Cleaning Makeup Brushes: Ikea GALEJ Tealight Holders

I like glass receptacles for cleaning makeup brushes because glass is non-reactive. Its clarity also allows me to more accurately gauge the cleanliness of my brushes. Eliminating dust and colour and seeing the murky water run clear is as much a pleasure as having cleaned, ready-to-use brushes.

A recent jaunt to Ikea – that mecca of affordable furniture and home accessories – revealed an ideal buy for brush cleaning: a set of four glass tealight holders that only costs S$1.80.

Sturdy and clear, these 6 cm high glasses are perfect for washing eyeshadow brushes, as well as other brushes. The interior base area with a diameter of 4 cm fits most brush heads although some longer brushes may have difficulty balancing in/resting on the glass because of its lack of height. However, this is not really a problem as makeup brushes should not be left standing in cleanser.

You could allocate one glass to a different type of brush. Better yet, split the set with other makeup lovers for added savings!

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