Makeup Mail: Manly Cosmetics 120 Palette

If you are into colourful looks but are not keen on purchasing dozens of single colour pots, this palette may be something to try.

Comprising 120 eyeshadows in variations of rainbow hues and more, this 22.7 x 15 x 1.7 cm palette from Manly Cosmetics is manufactured by Meidu Cosmetics Factory in China (and/or possibly Hong Kong) and includes a nice balance of matte and shimmery eyeshadows. I was rather amused by its name which connotes masculinity but it really stands for a Chinese name, 曼莉. When romanised, it reads/is pronounced ‘Mun Lee’.

I cannot vouch for the safety of the eyeshadows but online reviews have so far been positive. You can read some comments here and watch video reviews here. The general feedback is that the palette provides an extensive selection of colours (a little hard not to do, given its mindboggling number of pans!), gives good colour payoff (check out the pigmented swatches) and is value-for-money (divide its price by 120 and you will agree with this).

You can purchase it from, which seems to be the sole online retailer. You can also purchase it from the same retailer – with a different moniker – on eBay, where you can get the palette at a slightly lower price; depending on whether you are outbid. The palette typically comes with a free Made-in-China travel brush set.

I must concur with the many reviewers who say that ships the palette very securely. It came wrapped in safe sex style; that is, reams of bubble wrap wound securely and tightly around the palette box!

Even with the secure packing, a few buyers have received palettes with cracked eyeshadows. If this happens to you and the damage isn’t extensive, try pressing the shadow(s) back in using methylated spirit or rubbing alcohol to bind the powder.

Safe sex :P

Even the palette itself was bubble-wrapped!

without flash

The ingredient list on the back of the palette box


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