Muji Mini Acrylic Shelves

When your heart skips a beat and you stop short, you know the item you’ve sighted has to be something special. This happened to me a few months back when I was at a Muji store.

So, what did I see?

A set of mini acrylic shelves, perfect for makeup tool storage…and completely complementary with my other acrylic Muji makeup storage receptacles!

Measuring 90 x 130 x 140 mm, this little shelving unit (¥997, including tax) is ideal for storing eyelash curlers. One problem with storing one or more than one of these is having to accommodate their awkward shape. Putting them in standing holders (cylindrical or otherwise) leads to sliding and entanglement, especially when they are placed together with other makeup tools. Hanging them off the sides of holders is precarious.

The design of this unique Muji item solves the problem brilliantly – the incline of each tier allows your curlers to be positioned nicely at an angle, ready for easy reach. Each tier can hold three manual curlers comfortably; four, if you don’t mind the squeeze. You can even optimise the space by placing a wand curler with the manual ones. ;)

What I really love about this unit is the incline which makes reaching out for something easier. It also means that you can place items like mascaras, lipglosses and liquid liners on these shelves without having to worry about leakage or backflow, while being assured of easy access.

Yet another testimony to the storage efficiency of Muji products, this ingenious item can be found at Muji stores across the island. I found it – priced reasonably at S$13* – at the Marina Square outlet.

* Its price has since risen to S$16.

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