IDOCI Cosmetics Fridge

Pretty things deserve pretty storage and what better place to keep your perishable makeup and skincare than in a refrigerator specially created for this purpose?

Idoci, a Korea company, has come up with a fridge they call it a Cosmetic Cooler for you to put your pretties and skin-pampering goods in. It can be wall-mounted and has the optimum temperature range of 8-12°C for ideal beauty product storage. The tech geek beauty lover will appreciate the fact that it has fiddly electronic controls to play with, as well!

It comes in a variety of colours to match your style, colour preference and/or room décor. There’s even one for the men…or the minimalist in you.

Pictures say so much more, so take a closer look at this mini fridge here and here!

More information in English here.

Hilux, Idoci’s parent company, will apparently be exhibiting this gadget in Singapore at this year’s Korea Product Show & Business Meeting at Suntec Convention Hall 402 (19-20 November 2008, 10 am-6 pm). I am not sure if the public is allowed to attend but you could always email the organiser to ask. :)

Special thanks to Henry F of Hallyutech for the heads up!


  • Mellerson says:

    Over at the Kose counter at Taka, they are giving away mini-fridges for cosmetics if you spend 320. They are really cute with a pink door and white polka dots, but there’s not much storage space inside, certainly not enough for someone who would be serious enough of a makeup collector who would necessitate a fridge :P

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Mellerson,

    Thanks for dropping by!

    The fridge sounds adorable although I’m not a huge fan of the colour…or polka dots! :P

    It’s attractive as a free gift, for sure.

    Lol! Hmm…how many lippies can it store?!

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