What I Took to Bangkok | Part II

My apologies for having taken so long with this promised post. I was sidetracked by other things but it was always at the back of my head; the need to write it gnawing at me!

Besides tools and accessories, the following makeup items went to Bangkok with me:

1. MAC Paint in Bare Canvas

MAC Paint in Bare Canvas is an excellent budgeproof cream eyeshadow for humid climates. It also makes a good base for powder eyeshadows. It is semi-matte, with just a hint of shimmer; perfect for a subtle neutral look; yet it also allows the sparkle of your powder shadows to shine. Its versatility makes it a good travel eyeshadow. As it is a cream product, you might have to declare it under the new LAG regulations.

2. Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasist in WT050 Crystal Cream

Eye Fantasist is one of my favourite cream eyeshadows. They vary in texture from creamy to translucent; from metallic to glittery. They almost always have beautiful multi-coloured shimmer – some more than others – imbuing eye looks with dimension and sparkle. They last very well and a neutral shade like Crystal Cream is great alone or as a base.

3. Kose Fasio Power-Stay Mascaras 3D+ Air Tech in Curl Volume and Curl Long Black

I cannot rave enough about these – they are the best waterproof and smudgeproof mascaras I’ve ever used. Perfect for hot and humid climates…or emotional occasions. Believe me when I say Fasio mascaras will emerge unscathed after a torrent of tears. The only caveat? You will need a good oil-based makeup remover to clean them off your lashes.

4. L’Oréal Touche Magique Concealer in 3 Natural Beige

Touche Magique doesn’t offer a lot of coverage but if you need only a spot of concealing and don’t want to fiddle with the product, the twist-up wand with an attached brush will keep your fingers relatively clean. I personally like to blend it out with my ring finger anyway; it melds better that way.

5. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade

Lightscapade needs no introduction; I’ve raved about this MAC MSF more than once. :) A softly flattering highlighter, there was already a lot of pan showing when I took it to Bangkok.

6. MAC Hyper Real Pressed Powder in Extra Light

This is another highlighting holy grail for me. Similar to NARS Albatross but subtler, this product blends seamlessly into my blushes, delicately illuminating the skin.

7. Kesalan Patharan Covering Foundation in 02

This KP product has been my undereye concealer staple for years. It goes on smoothly, gives good coverage and lasts, both in terms of wear and product lifespan. I’ve had this for years (now almost finished) but it’s still fresh in the twist-up tube. I like to use a cotton tip to remove the remaining product from the depths of the tube (you’d be amazed at how much product is left in such packaging!). I also like to use the cotton tip to blend and to correct liner-smudge.

8. Kesalan Patharan Face Colors in 149 and 16

These are cool-toned colours that I’d usually pair together. I didn’t get a chance to use the trio the day I wore purple but I did use 16 to tone down a blush with warm tones. This has been my go-to cool blush for years and I frequently use it for this purpose.

9. MAC Cream Colour Base in Fuchsia Perfect

MAC Cream Colour Base in Fuchsia Perfect is so easy to use and is a good cream blush on its own, as well as an excellent base for blush-layering (helpful for making blush last in a humid country). This was my second or third one, I believe and I’m already seeing a lot of pan in my current one…which I opened not too long ago!

10. Kanebo T’estimo Color Eyes N in WT-08

This eyeshadow wonder, refined in both texture and appearance, has seen me through many eye looks; its versatility a makeup boon.

11. Gransenbon Gran Brush in 01 Lady Rose

A beautiful cool-toned pink with a hint of rose, this shimmery and pigmented blush is a prime example of Gransenbon goodness. And yes, its name is indeed ‘Gran Brush’. Ah, the quirks of Japanese English! ;)

12. Yves Rocher Luminelle Eyeshadow in Champagne

This little surprise from Yves Rocher from years back is a subtle neutral shade with soft shimmer. I like using it to offset brighter and more intense shades.

13. Kanebo Media Blush in PK

I’ve since finished this easy-to-work-with soft pink blush. An inexpensive item, it surprised me with its stellar quality.

More, in Part III! :)


  • The Casual Kitchener says:

    Oh my goodness! You pack a LOT of stuff. I usually just bring a concealer or foundation (either Bobbi Brown stick or LM secret camouflage), an eye palette (right now it's Christian Dior incognito; last "season" it was Benefit BIg Beautiful Eyes), eyeliner (Mac Kohl in Engraved), blush (Nars orgasm or LM Crushed Hazelnut), Benefit Dandelion, T LeClerc pressed powder in Banane, Shu eyelash curler, Dior Incognito Mascara, A neutral lipstick (LM Discretion or Nars Dolce Vita), red lipstick (Nars Red Lizard+ Nars Cruella chubby lip pencil) + berry lipstick (LM Mulberry lipstain), gloss (Mac lipglass), Bobbi Brown travel brush kit, Burt's Bees lip balm, SKII, loreal sublock, olay total effects lotion and finally cetaphil and a wash cloth to take it all off. The one time I regret not bringing more was when I traveled for a cousin's wedding & I had to do my own makeup cos the MU artist my aunt hired was a FRAUD & a JOKE and I didn't have my Stila eyeshadow & shu eyelashes to make dramatic, smokey eyes. :-)

  • Kimberly Tia says:

    Wow!!! Excellent Stash my dear!!!
    It’s makeup for days!!!

  • ftragedy says:

    did you get anything from thai local brand-oriental princess?

    heard its real good!

  • makeupmag says:

    Kat my love,

    I was smiling as I was reading your list; it looks pretty long to me, lol!

    Everything sounds exquisite and reflective of your taste; I can totally understand why these items are favourites.

    It must’ve been frustrating not having necessary things on hands for a special occasion…especially for a makeup junkie! ;)

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for dropping by! It was makeup for eight days to be exact, although I only wore makeup for four or five, I believe. :P

    The makeup addict conundrum is this – what to pack when one loves so many makeup items?! ;)

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Ftragedy,

    I didn’t have a close look at the brand but I did see it everywhere. :) Let me know if you ever get something from Oriental Princess!

  • DSKNguyen says:

    lots of goodies! <3

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi DSKNguyen,

    Yes! Spoilt for choice, I was! :)

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