Kosé Visée Blackish Forming Eyes in B-3

Comprising mostly dark hues and none of the brights and pastels associated with the season, I don’t know why the good people at Visée put this palette in its Spring 2009 collection.

Nonetheless, I absolutely love it for easy-peasy smokey eyes. Smokes are a cinch with this palette – the colours blend effortlessly, seguing flawlessly into one another.

I love its combination of colours: variances of blue, grey, silver and black come together nicely in this palette to create a unique smokey eye. I have a weakness for complex pewters, and the bottom right shade is most emphatically one. It contains fine multicoloured shimmer, as does the top right greyed-silver shade. They are beautifully offset by a delicate, glimmery white that softly highlights the accent colours.

The black is a simple matte but I like its intensity. I wouldn’t recommend using it on its own since it does not have the glide that the others do; it will skip and has a hint of chalkiness (compared to non-Japanese eyeshadows, however, this latter quality is not as marked).

That said, it works beautifully over the other shades, blending easily from lash line to lid to impart depth and definition. It also has an added feature: it catches the shimmer of the top left shade very well, the embedded sparkle livening up the black shade. I personally prefer the black to be plain but a little sparkle never hurts anyone. :)

This palette is worth every cent of the HK$138 I paid for it at adambeauty.com!

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