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When Stila arrived in Singapore back in 2003, this limited edition 4-Pan Compact (S$60) was the highlight of the event, its artwork an Asian girl sitting in a sampan with the Merlion in the background indicative of this island state.

The sampan is a traditional Asian boat that recalls the fishing village that Singapore once was. The Merlion, with its lion’s head and fish body/tail (hideous* to some!) has been a symbol of Singapore for a long time – the former representing the sighting of a lion by an ancient Malay prince who gave the island its Malay name, Singapura (‘Lion City’); the latter representing Singapore’s ties with the sea.

The palette contained Tutu (a remarkable pink peach blush that is absolutely flattering on Asian skin), Charm (a cool-toned medium purple with silver shimmer), Bouquet (a classic matte base shade) and Poise (a shimmery berry brown, reminiscent of MAC Sketch).

Looking at it brings back fond memories of the launch. I remember local makeup lovers rejoicing at finally having our very own Stila counter and the sheer pleasure of swatching the pans of colours. Notebooks, totes, postcards and cans (yes, those infamous illustrated Stila cans!) were snapped up as gifts with purchase, simply because they were mostly limited edition items.

Stila expanded its counters in Singapore thereafter and in its halcyon days, had more than three locally.

Those heady days are gone and Stila has since been reduced to only one smaller counter at Tangs. That said, I hope that the new changes that the brand is undergoing bring back that era of whimsical illustrations and feminine flair.

* …but oh-so-cute in the drawing, with its snub nose! :D


  • jojoba says:

    great post. i didn’t know there was such a palette but then again, i wasn’t blogging and not even on MUA at that time. stila just revampped its site and i hope they’d come back here with a better packaing and more varieties. i think its monotoneous products killed it. :)

  • Juschev says:

    The brand has been sold to a new company in USA and from what I heard, Luxasia bought over the rights to sell in Singapore. So hopefully we will not have to say goodbye to it.

  • AhCapp says:

    Oh wow, this is a wonderful palette to represent us! ^_^
    I can indeed remember those days when Stila just opened. Everyone was crazy over it. But don’t know why, Stila has die down quite a bit recently. Perhaps lack of advertisments?

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Jojoba,

    I agree with you re: the monotonous range. After a while, it just seemed stagnant. When you see it going for cheap on Beauty Crunch, you know that the brand’s no longer the cult favourite it once was. I do hope the new changes revitalises Stila. :)

  • makeupmag says:

    Hey Chev,

    For a moment I wondered if Luxasia would phase out the brand. It’s still at Tangs though.

  • makeupmag says:

    Hello AhCapp!

    :) A lack of marketing and a lack of products to market, really! If they go back to the old formula of cool gwps and the whimsical Stila girls, they might be able to pull themselves together.

  • Juschev says:

    I’ve asked one of the (another brand’s)brand manager at the Luxasia sale and she says she didn’t hear anything about Stila pulling out.

  • GetawayJunkie says:

    Hello Mag,
    Have not seen u at Cozycot for a long while. Apparently, it’s been confirmed that Stila will be pulling out of Sg soon, just like in Malaysia. :(

  • Haru says:

    Hey Mag,

    I remember that palette! I didn’t get it but I used to collect their fantastic GWP shopper bags :-) Such a pity that it has gone downhill after Estee Lauder sold it off.

  • Yumeko says:

    thats so cute
    i love seeing really unique things like tat

  • makeupmag says:

    Hey Chev,

    I hope this is true because a reader (she posted below you) said that Stila will be pulling out of SG and MY.

  • makeupmag says:

    Hello Getaway Junkie!

    So nice to see you here! :) I’m sorry to hear the sad news though. I hope the brand makes a comeback in SG, when it’s gotten back on its feet!

  • makeupmag says:

    Hey Iris!

    I’d love to see all your Stila collectibles. ;) EL had to cut its losses, I think but I feel it didn’t do enough for the brand.

  • makeupmag says:

    :) Yume!

    Do you have any Stila goodies? Post about them, especially the l.e. Japanese ones. ;)

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