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Renowned for its exquisite and très feminine packaging, Jill Stuart Beauty launched this cream eyeshadow in the autumn of 2007. I wore Ballet Pink yesterday and was reminded of its beautiful shimmer when I was in a lift at Ngee Ann City. The elevators at this shopping complex have flattering warm lighting that always shows up shimmer well and while looking at the mirror inside the lift, I was charmed by the reflection of fine sparkles twinkling at me.

Part of the Cheeky Girls collection, Jelly Eye Color in Ballet Pink is a versatile medium mauve-pink cream eyeshadow infused with copious, complex shimmer. In the light, silver, pink, red, green, silver and lavender sparkles show up.

Ballet Pink’s texture, light rose fragrance and multi-dimensional shimmer all come together beautifully to tease the senses. The scent, while obvious in the pot, fades upon application, like the trace of a rose bloom. The shimmer, a pleasure to behold, sparkles beautifully in every way, under any light. The rosy pink mousse-like base is light and soft, bouncy yet firm; its consistency more luxuriant velvet than wobbly jelly. It blends beautifully, imparting gleaming sparkle to the eye.

Depending on the number of layers, this can go on intensely or sheerly. It can be used on its own for a beautiful sparkly nude look but I especially enjoy using it as a base. Like Eye Fantasist, its shimmer shines through eyeshadow layered upon it.

Some people have difficulty with the Jelly Eye Colors, complaining about glitter fallout and difficulty in blending. Honestly, I have had no such problems. In fact, I think this product is very easy to use.

However, there is a point to note about Ballet Pink – it does not brighten my MAC NC20-30 skintone, although it gives my eyes glimmering beauty. While it is essentially not a dark shade, the mauve and rose tones of the base shade do show up quite clearly. In fact, this is a nice base for a medium to smokey pink or grey eye.

Each Jelly Eye Color jar is made of solid glass and has a distinctive faceted cover engraved with an elegant italicised ‘J’. Sturdy and classy; worthy of this cult Japanese makeup brand.

Indeed, function and beauty are both present in this charming product. What is more, this 6 g pot is affordable, compared to similar products from other brands and other items in the Jill Stuart line. It will last a very long time, for a little goes a very long way. No wonder, then, that the eye jellies elicit sighs of pleasure from makeup aficionados fortunate enough to lay their hands on them!

Jill Stuart is currently only available in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and soon, USA (Soho, NYC).


  • jojoba says:

    i should have checked out more makeup whenever i go back to taiwan. it seems that my home country has everything beauty related under the sun but i just never bother about makeup when i go back…

    and now it’s heading to NYC!!! i wish i get to see Jill Stuart anything!!!

  • makeupmag says:


    You come from Taiwan? Cool! How could you not check out the wonderful makeup available there?! Now you know what you need to do the next time, yes? Heh.

    I’m hoping JS makes it to SG. I’m sure there’s a market for it. :D

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