Review | Makeup | Eyes | Eyeshadow | MAC Eye Shadow in Embark

A deep chocolate brown, Embark (S$26) is a matte eyeshadow that I’ve been using since 2002, thanks to its versatility and excellent pigmentation.

It can be used as an eyeliner

I like it on the lash line, especially when I’m going for an unobtrusive classic eye with a neutral all over wash. It isn’t as intense as black and is flattering on my Asian skintone.

It can be used for filling in brows

Its smooth, matte texture makes it easy to stroke on and feather out colour on the brows. It can go on strong or sheer. To achieve the latter, gently dip a brow brush into the pan and barely graze it to deposit a hint of product onto your brush.

It can be used to complement shimmery eyeshadows

Used in the outer corners of the lid, it offsets shimmer very well and gives visual interest to a smokey eye.

It can create a smokey eye on its own

I love recommending this to my clients because its texture is such that you can easily blend it out, gradating colour from dark to light. Wet it for an intense lash line application and you have a complete smokey eye.

It may look unassuming but Embark certainly fulfils a number of makeup functions!


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