Watsons Glow Spring/Summer Workshop 2009

A weekend ago, Watsons held its first beauty workshop. Suncare, skin-whitening and makeup application were some of the topics presented at this event that cost S$25. Although there were a few hiccups in the programme, it went relatively smoothly.

The rows of goody bags were the first things that greeted me at the entrance of the Holiday Inn Park View ballroom in which the workshop was held. Registration started at 1.30 pm, half an hour before the workshop began at 2 pm. Tea and cookies were available and happily, participants were able to bring these into the ballroom for sustenance during the presentations.

The workshop started with an exercise routine, courtesy of Wyeth. The instructor from California Fitness kicked it off nicely, warming up the participants with Flexercise, a curious strength training workout that only utilises a wide elastic band (included in a complimentary Wyeth gift pack, together with a Flexercise DVD). Deceptively innocent-looking, the band really made us work our muscles; a definite surprising discovery at the workshop.

We were next presented with two talks by two articulate doctors, Dr Alvin Wong (SKN MediAesthetics) and Dr Calvin Chan (Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic), on skin health and suncare/skin-whitening.

I particularly enjoyed the section on suncare facts and myths. For instance:

Myth: SPF 8 foundation + SPF 15 moisturizer + SPF 25 sunscreen = SPF 48

You only end up with the highest SPF protection (SPF 25)

These talks were highly informative. They were presented in mostly non-technical language and were easy to understand. I learnt a lot in that short session and was particularly grateful for the concise explanations with reference to certain skincare terms/issues.

Next, Vichy presented its best-selling Bi-White Reveal whitening line, accompanied with a facial. The sporting volunteer walked away with more than S$200 worth of Vichy products!

After that, we had a short break in which we were treated to some very delicious refreshments. Everyone at my table agreed that the food was pretty good! We were also able to purchase products from Wyeth, Vichy and Za at 20% off, as well as do a bone mass test during the break.

The workshop resumed with a makeup presentation; something that I’d been looking forward to. The Za representative introduced Za’s Spring/Summer 2009 beauty trends, which placed emphasis on clear skin, pastel eyes and dolly lashes.

The presenter conducted a mini makeover on a workshop participant, while the rest of the attendees explored Za’s new range that was laid out on the tables.

Containing Vitamin E and macadamia nut oil, Za’s Spring/Summer 2009 Eye Vibrante palettes (S$13.50), E7 to E10, come in soft pastels to give ‘fresh, alluring and sensual eyes’.

The Eye Vibrante palettes are recommended to be used in tandem with Za Wide Eye Mascara (S$16.90) to further the romantic theme that focuses on ‘dreamy eyes’. According to Za, this range of mascaras is waterproof and smudgeproof. Available in Violet, Black, Blue and Rose, they are made of a ‘special stretch formula’ that ‘wraps around each lash smoothly and evenly for a long, natural look’. I was particularly impressed by how easily the snazzy hues went onto the lashes.

After the presentation came the hands-on experience. On every table were mirrors, tools, et al for trying on the set of Za makeup provided. The organisers were particularly thoughtful to make sure that every participant had an eyelash curler and mirror, not to mention a hairclip to keep up floppy fringes. I also appreciated that they included bottles of makeup removers and cleansers (from Za, of course) to facilitate the removal of previously-applied makeup.

This was the highlight of the event for me, as I was able to work a little makeup magic on my friend, using the new and old Za colours. The end effect was a softly smokey eye with an interesting twist of taupe and plum.

When the workshop finally ended, we received our goody bags upon exiting the ballroom. Read the lovely Kim’s take on the workshop to find out what was inside the bags! :0)


  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds like an awesome workshop! The myth about the sunscreen was interesting too.

    Did you get a lot of wonderful (free) goodies? :)


  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Sunny,

    The bag was included in the S$25 fee. It was okay; not as exciting as the Watsons mystery bag, for sure!

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