Happy Lunasol Haul

When I learnt that Lunasol was being heavily discounted at a fair organised by a local departmental store recently, my interest was immediately piqued – for a luxe brand that is found only at one counter in Singapore (the Kanebo counter at Takashimaya), this was an incredible piece of beauty bargain news.

So I headed down to the Singapore Expo where Robinsons was holding the event, in which several other brands such as Givenchy, Stila, and YSL were also on discount.

I emerged with several Lunasol items:

  • Geminate Liner in Shining Gold and Light Green (S$19 each)
  • Intellectual Eyes in Rose Variation and Monotone Variation (S$35 each)
  • Sheer Contrast Eyes in Green Coral and Orange Coral (S$35 each)
  • Skin Modeling Eyes in Beige Aqua (S$35)

I also bought a T’estimo Eye Base, as well as a few Coffret D’Or items that were on sale, including the 2008 Party Makeup Collection 02 Noble Dressy (S$28), a diamante-studded holiday palette with wearable neutral colours.

Some of these lovelies were for friends, including dear Iris (my Jap mag enabler!) who helped me CP beautiful Japanese beauty stuffies several times in the past.

I’m especially thrilled that Green Coral was on sale; it’s been a palette I’ve been eyeing for a while now but never took the plunge (I adore the green but am not a fan of the bronze).

I was delighted to find Beige Aqua on sale as well. I’ve always liked the flashing green in this palette and the soft complementary colours but had always been lured by the newer palette releases.

With the prices slashed, it was an excellent time to purchase these sweet shadows! I was delirious with joy at the palette price – they usually cost S$77, so S$35 is an awesome price to pay for these high-quality shadow gems.

For some fascinating facts on the brand, do read Iris’s Lunasol by the Numbers, an illuminating write-up on the workings of Lunasol.


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