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MAC Glaze Lipstick in Lure

3 g  / 0.1 US oz

S$28  / US$14.00

A beautiful lipstick from the fascinating Lure collection, M.A.C describes Lure as a ‘burgundy with silver pearl’.  However, this lipstick in the Glaze formula is slightly more complex than that.

Flecked with pretty shimmer, this rosy plum seems unassuming at first but reveals itself to be versatile and very appealing. Its formula gives it a special sheen and it is also this that lends it a sheerness that does not overwhelm a look: You cannot look too intense with this lipstick; it is just not possible with the formula. Thus it makes for beautiful light lips that balance out stronger eye makeup looks. The common complaint about MAC glaze lipsticks  – that they are drying and do not go on well – does not hold true with Lure. It actually goes on smoothly and hugs the lips nicely.

In addition, Lure seems to go well with most eye colours. Although it leans towards the cool side (it has shades of pink, true rose, plum and burgundy in it), I consider it a somewhat neutral colour that goes well with many warm colours too. I’ve had success pairing this lipstick with warm looks and am amazed by its versatility. I attribute this in part to its lack of intense pigmentation, which works for this lipstick with different hues.

Lure’s semi-sheer quality, pretty shade and subtle sheen make it a perfect lipstick for people who want something understated yet sweet and feminine. Its gorgeous iridescent aqua packaging  (the pearlescent quality reminds one of a crustacean shell-lining) is a work of art in itself and pairs beautifully with the tone of this lipstick.

If you are partial to plums, pinks, roses and burgundies, this should be in your makeup bag. If you are of neutral skin tone, this would be something to look at too. I imagine that this would suit cool-toned Caucasians, most fair to medium toned Asians, as well as people with darker skin tones (I’m thinking of Indian skin in particular and how Lure would be a modern, almost metallic slick of colour on them).

Although this is a limited edition item, I often read about this lipstick popping up at CCOs (Cosmetics Company Outlets). It can also be easily found on eBay, as of this review.

Image source: MAC

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