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Burlesque Ball, the holiday 2009 collection from Stage Cosmetics, seems to combine sultry burlesque with the indulgence that holidays ignite.

Stage Cosmetics Burlesque Ball

Unlike their regular black / clear packaging which I think is rather non-descript, this collection catches the eye with its signature red packaging that hint at beauty luxury.

Stage Cosmetics Burlesque Ball Red Packaging

Eyeshadows are housed in plastic palettes the shade of a mellow claret, while lipsticks are encased in shiny ruby-coloured tubes – very festive and somewhat original.

Stage Burlesque Ball Palette & Lippy

Stage sent me 5-Shadow Palette in Gossip (S$65) and Wonderkiss LipCrème in Thrill (S$28) from this collection to try.

Stage Cosmetics Burlesque Ball Gossip & Thrill

Made in Italy, these items bear the richness of colour that I see and love in I Nuovi and Pupa, whose products are made in the same country.

Stage Burlesque Ball Gossip Swatches

Gossip is a palette of smokey shades and a highlighter / all-over colour. I like that it contains an anchor shade of white, an inky navy with blue sparkles (it swatches a deep charcoal), a greyed plum, a silver-grey and a golden chocolate to create classic and interesting smokey eyes.

All the pans of colour are equally intense and each shade pairs / blends well with one another, gradating easily (see the plum and grey swatches in the photo above).

Stage Burlesque Ball Thrill Swatch

Thrill looks like a semi-metallic violet in the tube but it really is a sweet pinked cherry. Reminiscent of the rose syrup cordial we (used to?) drink during special occasions, this face-brightening shade has minuscule shimmer dispersed within the lipstick. It has the smooth quality of MAC Lustres and also the creaminess of the Amplifieds. The brand describes the LipCrème range as being ‘high-fidelity’ – a rather apt term, I feel.

Both the palette and lipstick have strength of colour, so I wouldn’t recommend using them together, unless you’re doing a very soft look with either product.

Stage Burlesque Ball 5-Shade Shadow Palette in Gossip

The colour selection of the older Stage palettes don’t appeal to me but Gossip, with its rich smokey hues, is certainly worth talking about on the grapevine. ;)

Image source: Stage Cosmetics


  • stickles says:

    I actually quite like the chocolate brown shade in this palette, but I don’t find the texture of their regular shadows to be as good.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Stickles! :)

      The BB shadows are very pigmented. Have you tried the regular shadow in a greened navy? That one caught my eye because of its special shade. It’s rich in colour too.

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