The Body Shop Originals

The Body Shop Originals

The resurgence of the ’80s is not simply limited to pop culture or the fashion world;  the beauty realm is also rediscovering and remarketing the striking colours of that decade – you need only look at MAC’s Pop Colour collection with its rainbow-bright hues.

Not only is The Body Shop Originals collection marked by cheery vibrant colours, the strength of scent that distinguished that era is also revisited with the brand’s re-introduction of scents like Banana, Dewberry, Fuzzy Peach and Green Apple. Bursts of fruity fragrance and refreshing sensations characterised these products, some of which were synonymous with the brand. They made their presence felt then and for many of us who grew up in that decade, they certainly strike a note of familiarity now.

The Body Shop Originals Haul

My little haul from the collection was prompted both by nostalgia and the brand’s promise of improved efficacy. I remember Cucumber Freshening Water (S$21.90, on sale at S$14.90) for its refreshing feel and Ice Blue Shampoo (S$16.90, on sale at S$9.90) for its tingly sensation and non-tangling effect, while the sweet fragrance of Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel (S$12.90, on sale at S$9.90) was a hit at that time.

I’ve been using the first two almost every day since I bought them.

The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water

Although I love the cucumber scent, I can’t say I like the toner entirely, no thanks to its slightly sticky after-feel. However, I combat this with a spritz of Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

The Body Shop Ice Blue Shampoo

Ice Blue Shampoo, on the other hand, is better than before! Coloured a brilliant cobalt, this haircare product has a balanced menthol scent that is never too sharp or cloying. I also love that it never feels overtly cold / minty. The invigorating scent and sensation aside, I like that it doesn’t dry out my hair.

I haven’t tried the Fuzzy Peach bath gel yet but have a feeling its scent will evoke some memories of old. Whilst they are a leisurely stroll down memory lane for me, perhaps these revamped new-old goodies will make fresh beauty recollections for others! :)

Image source: The Body Shop Singapore


  • plue says:

    if only… it doesn’t fly off the shelves that fast!


  • Trish says:

    I was hoping they bring back the Seaweed Shampoo too. The combination of Seaweed & Ice Blue did wonders for my hair when I was trying to grow out my tomboy style at 15 lol!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Trish,

      That rings a really loud bell! Thanks for the great tip; now I know what to do if TBS brings back the Seaweed Shampoo. Why not email their HQ and implore them to do so? I believe that’s how The Originals were resurrected. ;)

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