EOTD | Black + Teal Eye

I found this photo as I was going through my image folders and thought I’d share it. The brows are slightly unkempt because I hadn’t cut the strays; I merely brushed them up and out (as you can tell, some strands are out of the brow line). This eye was cleaner when I first applied it but it had smudged a smidgeon in the course of the day. :P

Basically a black + teal eye, I wore this to match a Dorothy Perkins dress I had on. The sleeves aren’t the most flattering for my plump arms but I like the cut as a whole.

I can’t really remember what I’d used on the eye but it could very have been Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Metal Orchestra which I received from Meilily in a gift exchange on Emakemeup. I love its complementary and edgy shades! ♥

Image sources: Dorothy Perkins and Sephora


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