Luv Carat Eyeshadow Palettes

Remember these blinged-out palettes?

Gem-encrusted and oh-so-sparkly, the other makeup items in your collection may cry out in envy. ;)

Clockwise: Glamorous Brown, Pink Princess and Cool Gray

I wasn’t able to swatch them but I was disenchanted when I opened them. Given the sparkle and shine of their packaging, their interior is a bit of a let-down. My photos don’t capture it well but fine shimmer is dispersed throughout the shadow pans and they seem to have a satiny feel. Perhaps there’s hope yet (Jill Stuart’s sparkly shadows would be perfect for this packaging!). I will need to swatch them before I decide on their texture and finish though.

These palettes can be found at Sasa and will retail at S$39.90. They’re not yet available on Beauty Carousel but they may very well be S$10 cheaper there, as with the Luv Carat Long Last Face Powders.


  • fiona says:

    i agree, the eyeshadows do look a bit dull as compared to the super bling exterior… the colour combinations as well, not very exciting :(

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Fiona,

      A pity, right? The packaging is very pretty though, so if you ever get it and finish what’s inside, you could reuse the palette by pressing shimmery pigments into the pans! ;)

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