Patyka Aloe Hand Cream

A reader recently recommended Patyka Aloe Hand Cream ($13) under my Love + Toast Mandarin Tea Hand Cream review. As I was in the Novena area today, I popped into Bud Cosmetics at Square 2 to check out this organic product.

In a generous 75 g tube, this simply-packaged this moisturiser for the hands is made of shea butter and aloe vera. I tried the tester and although it felt rich, it wasn’t greasy or gunky on my skin. That said, I mention this hand cream because it smells almost exactly like La Clarée Oliv’s products! That familiar yet unique scent hit me and I was immediately taken.

According to the store, a male customer buys six tubes at a time, so good for his sensitive skin this is. Unfortunately, this affordable hand cream is currently out of stock and will only be available in mid-March. Happily, the store will be celebrating its anniversary that same month, so it might be on offer then. :)

Image source: Bud Cosmetics


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