Review | LaLicious Sugar Soufflé Moisturizing Body Scrub in Passionfruit Lime

I was able to try LaLicious Sugar Soufflé in Passionfruit Lime recently, thanks to Soap ‘n Sorbet, the local e-tailer which generously sent me a travel-sized jar (20 ml) of this sugar scrub late last year.

Despite its portable size, this little pot is densely packed with sugar crystals soaked in essential oil. The brand does not stint on the amount of scrubby bits. This is something I appreciate, having used one too many scrubs with disappointing – both in quantity and performance – exfoliating agents.

Although I was aware of its essential oil content, I was not prepared for its quantity and well, oiliness. In truth, I’m not fond of it at all – it makes the scrub too greasy for my liking and overwhelms the exfoliating work.

Fortunately, I’ve found a way to circumvent this somewhat: Instead of scooping the scrub blindly from the tub, I make sure to scoop it in such a way that I pick up more sugar than oil. This way I get more exfoliation and less filmy coating. The instructions recommend that you pat with a towel after use and this also removes the excess oil.

I like it best for the feet as it easily sloughs off the dry skin there. The oil might interfere with the scrubbing power but again, limit the amount and you’ll see results. The oil seals in the good work done by the scrubby bits, keeping them smooth for quite a while. The moisture-lock really helps when you don’t have time or forget to moisturise with a foot cream.

The scent is light and pleasant; nothing cloying at all, despite the copious amount of oil. It is refreshing and almost reminds me of Make Me Smooth‘s popular 7-Upper scent. Do read the Soap ‘n Sorbet blog for more in-depth information and instructions on LaLicious scrubs.

Image source: Soap ‘n Sorbet

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