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When I bought Ice Blue Shampoo (250 ml/S$16.90) from The Body Shop Originals collection earlier this year, I didn’t expect that I would use this shampoo so often that only about an inch or so of it is left in the bottle a month on.

On days when my hair feels dirty or greasy, this is really good – my hair feels silky yet clean with just this shampoo alone. Although it can leave my tresses feeling a little stripped of moisture post-shower on regular-hair days, my hair sometimes feels soft and comfortable upon drying. I just ran my fingers through my hair prior to typing this and am amazed by the smoothness of the strands. I wonder if this has to do with my scalp compensating for the loss of sebum or the added Community Trade aloe vera in the shampoo. That said, I wouldn’t recommend this for frequent/consecutive use if you have dry/coloured hair or stay in an air-conditioned room most of the time – it can dry out hair, causing roughness (split ends too, I believe). I like to alternate this with a moisturising shampoo and to protect my hair on days when it’s not feeling oily, I often use a conditioner.

Coloured a brilliant blue, I like the balanced menthol content of this refreshing shampoo. The scent doesn’t have the sharpness that some menthol-infused products give off and it does not deliver an overtly sensation that can be uncomfortable.

Beyond the retro feel-good memories it triggers for me and its positive performance, I’m glad that this product belongs to the range of The Body Shop products with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging. :) I like this so much that I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t purchase more of it at its earlier offer price of S$9.90!

Image source: The Body Shop Singapore

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  • Iris says:

    Hey Mag,
    I bought this too but haven’t tried it yet as I started on the Banana shampoo and conditioner first. The Banana scent is simply divine, and always makes me hungry ;-p

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