New Sasa Store at Novena Square

Located next to Burger King on Level 1 of Novena Square, this new Sasa store will likely see a fair amount of business, considering the office crowds that swarm the Novena area during lunch time.

As for me, I’m glad there’s another beauty spot where I can ogle at products from Pupa (love the baked beauties), Kai (its many useful tools have found a home in my beauty collection), Sana (I liked the Maiko Han Powder so much that I finished a jar in less than a year) and Luv Carat (I’m impressed by the very finely-milled loose powders), among other brands.

Sasa also carries BB creams from Shills and Dr. G, as well as the dependable eyelash curlers from Shiseido and Eyecurl II. I like its selection of accessories too; its affordable nail polish pump bottle is especially good – I’ve been using mine for a while now and it still works well. :)


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