Three Empties from The Body Shop

I used up these two items rather quickly, didn’t I? Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel and Ice Blue Shampoo were part of my The Body Shop Originals haul earlier this year and I didn’t expect to see their bottles emptied so soon. I guess it helps that my sons used them too. :)

I like Ice Blue Shampoo so much that I’ve written a review of the hair wash. I can’t say the same for the bath gel – the overpowering fragrance of Fuzzy Peach was too cloying for me on hot and humid days. It does have whiffs of a ripe and juicy peach and my children seemed to like this bath wash, despite its faint but lingering musky note.

I also used up Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub after having it in my bathroom for some time. While I love the scent, I wasn’t so fond of the mildly-stinging scrubby bits that didn’t seem to exfoliate well. I’m rather relieved that I’ve finally used it up!


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