Review | Tokyo Milk The Kiss Me Kit in 55 Kissing Booth

Soap ‘n Sorbet recently sent me a tube of Tokyo Milk Lipstick in 55 Kissing Booth (S$42) to try. The lipstick comes in a lovely sliding paper box and is accompanied by a packet of Kiss Me Quick Hot Mints.

The Pros

  • It is a wearable shade

Although it’s described as a rum raisin (rum raison) shade, it’s essentially a medium red whose warm tones are lifted by cool silver shimmer – there is multicoloured shimmer interspersed in it too – and hints of pink, making it look like a rose red. It would be perfect on people who want a fuss-free red that easily brightens the visage.

  • It has a silky texture

I’d peg the feel as somewhere in between the MAC Lustre formula and the newer MAC Frost formula. It doesn’t look like your typical moisture-drenching lipstick that tends to be wet and shiny in appearance; instead, its smooth texture allows an easy glide on the lips to deliver a softly shimmery look.

  • It contains SPF

Its SPF 15 content helps to ward off photo-aging of the lips. Sun protection is always a boon!

  • It has a special onyx casing

The modern pewter shade of its tube sets it apart from other lipstick cases (I have a soft spot for pewter things, I know! ;)) In addition, the flat top of the cap is so reflective that it can act as a mirror.

  • The packaging is unique and eye-catching

The artwork is distinctively Tokyo Milk and everything, from the box to the tube, looks meticulously-designed.

A side of the box has a whimsical image of a retro-looking chick reclining languorously on a bed of blue and yellow daisies. This same image is reproduced on the smooth hand-wrapped paper at the base of the lipstick. The graphics, together with the muted colours, add a visual charm to the product.

The box has vintage-inspired prints on its other faces and the brand’s signature typewriter font hints of old-made-new stylishness. Even the flaps of the mint box have some artistic detailing – like the Love & Toast hand cream packaging, there is something on them that alludes to the product.

The Cons

  • It’s too warm for me to use as an everyday lippy

Although it is much warmer than the lippies I normally favour, it is a nice lip colour for days when I play with bright, tropical colours. The good thing is that it isn’t so warm that I can’t wear it at all.

I actually like to layer it over other lipsticks (its SPF is always welcome!). A combination I love: Kissing Booth over MAC Frost Lipstick in Intricate, which gives me a semi-reflective plum with hints of mauve and pink. You can’t really tell from the photo but this combination imparts all manners of multi-coloured shimmer! The complex colour works beautifully with many of my eye colours. ♥

  • It has a floral/talc scent much like that of lipsticks of old

Estée Lauder lippies had (have?) this classic scent. I haven’t sniffed one in ages, so I don’t know if they still have the same fragrance. I’m ok with this though – it has a touch of nostalgia for me, reminding me of my mummy’s makeup.

  • The sticky paper leaves a slight residue on the base of the lipstick cap

I appreciate the cute Tokyo Milk artwork but the stickiness annoys me a little. Thankfully, it can be rectified – I intend to use methylated spirit to remove it.

  • The mints are too sweet for me

Perhaps I’m not used to red mints but these have a strange cinnamon flavour too.

  • The price is on the high side

The price might be a deterrent for some but as most beauty aficionados know, no price is too high for the perfect lippy shade. ;) I knew immediately that this flattering colour would be the ideal wear-and-go shade for several friends and clients, especially those with warmer skintones.

Do note that Soap ‘n Sorbet has periodic offers and promotions – taking advantage of these will take the edge off the cost of this lippy. :)


  • TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    Hey Mag! I’m so very glad that you reviewed this since I’d been wondering about this product for a long, long time, particularly this shade, since most rum raisin shades are the ones I gravitate towards. The packaging truly is fantastic, isn’t it? Would it be possible for you to list the ingredients, especially the SPF ones since I’m severely allergic to benzophenones. Thanks so much in advance.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi TUG,

      I’m sorry I took a while to respond to your query – I had to look for the packaging which I’d put together with a whole bunch of other boxes. :) I looked through the list several times and couldn’t find any benzophenones BUT I couldn’t see any active sunscreen ingredients either. I’m not sure why that is so. Have you tried emailing SnS to ask?

  • Kay | Banner Printing says:

    I really love it if the lipstick has SPF on it because lips is always exposed as much as our skin so it also needs protection for from the sun. Thank you for sharing this product because I really want to try it.

  • choo says:

    the colour looks good! is the colour as strong and intense as mac lipstick?

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