Clean Brushes

I derive immense pleasure from seeing my makeup brushes post-wash.

I use baby shampoo, sometimes together with the very-effective Daiso sponge cleanser, to thoroughly wash both my work and personal brushes. I like to use these liquids with the Ikea Galej tealight holders – they are a good size for most makeup brushes. Washing brushes can be time-consuming but seeing product wash out is quite a delight. In between washes, I use MAC Brush Cleanser or wipe off excess powder on a microfibre cloth.


  • stickles says:

    Your skunk brushes look soooo white. Mine never get quite that white, maybe I’ll have to give the Daiso sponge cleaner a try. I’ve tried both baby shampoo as well as the I Nuovi brush cleaner, but I find it quite difficult to completely wash out the ‘foamy’ residue.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Mel,

      When I washed my MAC 187 for the first time, I kept thinking it was grey (and therefore not clean). Turned out I had to look it at from a certain angle to see its pristine white! :P That said, that same one is less white than my second 187. The Daiso cleanser might impart slip as well but I find that product washes out more easily using it. Good luck!

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