Review | Mandom Cleansing Express Cleansing Sheets Bright Up

When I first received these sheets from Mandom, I thought it was pretty smart of them to put their famed non-rinse cleanser into sheet form.

Each pack contains three sachets with two sheets inside (i.e. six sheets in total). I like the classy appearance of the silver-grey sachets; they look more expensive than they really are. I do wish the tear tab could be more efficient though – it doesn’t seem to open the packet neatly and I always end up with a jagged edge. :P

The soft cotton squares (6.5 cm x 6.5 cm) are generously saturated with the water-based Cleansing Express liquid. I appreciate the copious amount of the cleanser – it ensures easy makeup/dirt removal albeit with a little dripping. I love how gentle yet effective it is, as well as its non-sticky finish.

The sheets are extremely wet and if you’d like to keep the remaining sheet after using one, it would be advisable to seal the packet in a Ziploc bag or a watertight container.

According to the brand, the Bright Up formula contains melanin care/skin brightening properties (its ingredients include whitening saxifrage extract) and its hypo-allergenic formula is suitable for sensitive skin.

One sheet is enough for the entire face. I used both sides of the sheet above to remove makeup from my entire face, including water-resistant mascara (see those little black dots?). A waterproof mascara would require a separate cleansing oil though.

There is also a moisturising version of these cleansing sheets in pink packaging.

In Singapore, each pack retails at S$4.95 and can be found at Guardian Pharmacy, Meidi-Ya, Nishino Pharmacy, Sasa and Watsons. I loved these so much that I went to Watsons and bought another pack. I wish that Mandom would make them in bigger packs and that they come in slotted boxes for ease of use! :)

For another take on these sheets, do read Kimoko’s review.

Image source: Mandom Beauty

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