Aqualabel Singapore Price List

Here are the Aqualabel prices at Watsons Singapore:

Aqualabel White

  • Deep Clear Deep Clear Oil Cleansing S$18.50
  • White Clear Foam S$16.90
  • White Up Lotion S$26.90
  • White Up Emulsion S$29.90
  • White Up Cream S$31.50

Special Care

  • Reset White Mask S$24.90
  • Bright White Ex Essence S$35.50
  • Aqua Enhancer WT S$26.90

Sun Protection

  • White Protect Milk UV SPF30 PA++ S$26.90
  • Perfect Protect Milk UV SPF50 PA+++ S$28.90

Makeup Base

  • White Up Base SPF25 PA+ S$24.90

Base Makeup

  • White Up Liquid Foundation SPF25 PA+ S$25.50
  • White Up Compact Foundation SPF23 PA++ S$28.50

Aqualabel Moist

  • Creamy Oil Cleansing S$17.50
  • Milky Mousse Foam S$15.90
  • Moisture Lotion S$24.90
  • Moisture Emulsion S$27.90
  • Moisture Cream S$29.50
  • Moist Aqua Enhancer MO S$24.90
  • Moist Net Essence S$29.90
  • Moist Charge Mask S$22.90
  • Moist Protect Milk UV S$24.90
  • Moist Coat Essence S$27.90

Aqualabel White AC

  • White AC Lotion S$26.90
  • White AC Emulsion S$29.90
  • White AC Essence S$29.90

Image source: Shiseido Singapore


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