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I bought this non-rinse makeup remover last year, thanks to its novelty*. Not only is it fragrance-free, this oil-free/water-based product also takes makeup off quickly. As such, I even decanted some into a bottle to put in my kit, to use on clients pressed for time. I’ve since finished the 300 ml bottle (I forgot to take pictures before sending the bottle for recycling, so the stock photo will have to do). :)

This product cleans faces relatively well. However, I did have difficulty with more tenacious makeup – certain foundations remained on the skin, while waterproof mascaras required a separate remover. It is an effective makeup remover for light/non-waterproof makeup though; I can see many working people loving this!

Strangely enough, the cleansing sheets from the same line can thoroughly remove stubborn face makeup. Perhaps the different formulation (the wipes are in the Bright Up formula), high concentration of the liquid and/or strong cotton fibres of the wipes contribute to their increased efficacy? The wipes do not really sting the eyes either, unlike the bottled version which sometimes do this. Again, this could be due to the difference in ingredients. (Thankfully, this only happened to me – everyone on whom I’d used this remover never experienced the stinging, funnily enough. To be safe though, I used a separate eye makeup remover on people whom I worked on after that.)

Economically-speaking, the bottle is more value-for-money and I need not deal with the fiddly packaging of the wipes. The pump bottle is easy to use too – all makeup removers should dispense product in this hygienic manner! Do note that the fluid nature of the product sometimes causes too much of the liquid to be dispensed, so be careful when pressing the pump.

This product comes in four versions:

  • Agecare (peach) for anti-aging
  • Bright Up (blue) for brightening dull skin
  • Moist (clear) for dry skin
  • Sebum (green) for oil control

The pretty translucent bottles with a floral print have an understated beauty that makes them look more expensive than they really are!

In Singapore, Mandom Cleansing Express is priced at S$16.90 (Moist and Sebum) and S$18.90 (Agecare and Bright Up). The range can be found at Guardian Pharmacy, Meidi-Ya, Nishino Pharmacy, Sasa and Watsons. I’ve also spotted mini 50 ml bottles at various Watsons stores; they would be a good way to try these cleansers before buying the full-size bottles.

Image source: Mandom Beauty

* It was one of the two water-based cleansers new to our local skincare market then; the other was Cure Aqua Natural Gel. ;)


  • fwy says:

    The Muji range of makeup is now available at the ION Orchard Branch.

  • Lilian says:

    I’m always on the lookout for fuss free cleansers and I recently got ZA cleansing oil in gel form. it’s really effective and big plus is that it can be tissued off too. Great for travel and no risk of spillage. Have you tried it? My other favourites are biore cleansing oil and the liquid cleanser in the transparent blue bottle (forgot the exact name). Cleans off even mascaras thoroughly. Love!

  • TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    Hey Mag! You know, between reading reviews on your and Iris’ blogs, I became curious enough to buy a bottle of the Moist cleanser and I agree completely – this works brilliantly when I’m wearing tinted moisturiser or a light dusting of certain powder foundations and best of all, my skin does not react horribly at all to this. And as a bonus: cute packaging! :)

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Fwy,

    Thanks for the info! :D

  • makeupmag says:

    Hey Jan,

    I think I’ve tried the Za…is it new? That blue one also sounds familiar. Which brand is it from?

  • makeupmag says:

    Hey Tuggie,

    The packaging is so attractive, isn’t it? ;)

  • Lilian says:

    The blue one is by Biore, it’s like a cleansing water, does the same job as cleansing oil but rinses really clean. A little more expensive though. The ZA gel oil cleanser isn’t new, it’s been around but I didn’t get to try it till recently :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Jan,

      I thought the blue was Biore! Sounds familiar too…I may have used it before. As for the Za, I think I’ve tried it as a freebie sample bottle too! That one was not too bad. :D

  • Yiling says:

    Heya Mag,

    The moist stung me too! I overloaded the cotton pad and got it too close to my eyes. :( But this is so convenient that it hasn’t stopped me from using it! haha now using the Bright Up and so far so gd!

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