Review | Urban Decay Grind House Double Barrel Sharpener


Ever since my friend Jeanie wrote her stellar review of this sharpener from Urban Decay, I’ve kept her rec at the back of my head. So when Urban Decay finally arrived in Singapore, I bought one in an instant.

Why do I love it? Simply put, it works. Not all sharpeners are the same. Though this is made in Germany and comes from the KUM family as many cosmetic and stationery sharpeners do, the blade feels smoother and more precise than some of my other KUM sharpeners.

According to Urban Decay:

Our sharpener goes through 11 steps before assembling the blade onto the sharpener body, resulting in phenomenal quality. Made of durable steel, we infused the precision sharpener blade with 1% carbon to prevent rust, and attached a transparent removable lid.

The tool also has a pick to remove pencil residue/shavings and dislodge product gunk from the blade.

Specially designed for the brand’s 24/7 pencils and concealers, this tool has two holes: one for fat pencils and one for regular – slimmer – pencils.

I own and have tried many pencil sharpeners. Although I do not really use this for harder pencils (I have a trusty Maybelline sharpener for those), I turn to this nifty tool all the time now with all my other pencils; it’s so easy to use and it gets the job done in no time. I also love its roominess which allows more space for pencil shavings before I have to empty the container. I’d love to buy another but it is, unsurprisingly, often out of stock at Sephora! ;)

Image source: Urban Decay

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