Candy Colours!

I couldn’t resist this adorable lunch box when I was at Kinokuniya a while back. I’m most assuredly not a fan of Hello Kitty but the medley of soothing yet cheery colours made me smile, not to mention the sweet treats pictured on the cover of the box!

Confectionery seemed to be the theme of the day, as I came across these cute chocolate treats from Kabaya. My younger son loves these. I don’t often see them, so I grabbed a box.

To round off the colourful confectionery day, I chanced upon Sticky at Central. I was quite mesmerised by the candy makers’ fluid movements and their rhythmic stretching of the metallic candy strips.

The blue-green hue of the crystalline candy rods above looked like it would make a gorgeous eyeshadow colour. ;)

I eventually left the establishment with a bag of shiny rainbow rock candy for my hubby and my elder son. Sweet treats for everyone!

♫…I can sing a rainbow…♫


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