Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest 2010

Last Saturday, I went to Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest with my hubs and younger son. This was the archway that greeted us when we reached the Promontory @ Marina Bay. I loved how colourful and cheery it looked!

What’s this, a placid pastoral scene with a ruminating cow?

No, it’s a giant pint of Ben & Jerry’s signature Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream!

I bought Boston Cream Pie and Chocowlate Chip, two new flavours of the twelve that were specially flown in for the event. Yes, that’s MAC Nail Lacquer in Jade Dragon on my nails, courtesy of the MAC Fabulous Felines event. ;)

The public was treated to music by local bands and I enjoyed the chillaxing tunes that I heard that evening.

Here’s the Ben & Jerry’s event van. In Singapore, Ben & Jerry’s is managed by The Happy People Co. – how apt for this cheerful brand.

Here’s my little one holding up a delicious-looking B&J placard. People at the event were having a great time posing with these!

Finally, here are photos of the Chunk Fest mug and the much-coveted iPhone jacket I received at the event. I learnt that the rainbow+cow iPhone jacket that I saw on a friend’s phone (and wanted!) was from Chunk Fest 2009. I’m glad I now have this year’s version! ;)


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