Topshop Kohls in Petrol and Moontide

I purchased these two Topshop pencils a while back and only just had the chance to play with them.

Although they’re both called kohls, Petrol (S$9) is a smudgeable kohl, while Moontide (S$13) is a smudge-proof metallic kohl (a little contrary to the idea of kohls, really; I’d personally call it a shimmery waterproof pencil). The difference in their wood colour gives away their staying power too – the first is encased in the ubiquitous beige wood typical of most eye pencils, while the latter is hugged by black wood that ensures that it stays smudge-proof yet moist enough for gliding on the lids.

A stunning dark teal with just a hint of cerulean, Petrol would be perfect as a base for blue or green shadows. I love its velvety finish. Moontide (what a pretty name!) is a shimmery silver-blue with a touch of grey and lavender. I like its complex tones and think it would make a beautiful lid colour/eyeshadow base/waterline liner.


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