Fancl Samba Dance Facial Washing Powder and Perfect Washing Set

This November, Fancl’s popular Facial Washing Powder will be adorned with a samba dance design by Japanese fashion illustrator Licaco, who previously illustrated Fancl products with stylised pictures of a ballerina and a hula dancer. This product comes in two formulas – regular (moisturising) and light (refreshing) – and can be purchased any time of the year. However, these limited edition decorated ones will only be available from 26 November 2010.


Containing a polyamino acid formulation that creates a creamy and dense foam, this gentle yet effective cleanser is originally a powder, as its name indicates.


This form preserves the product’s amino acid integrity until water transforms it into a workable, cushiony foam that removes dirt and sebum.

A good complement to this cleanser is the brand’s Facial Washing Puff. Its textured surface helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells, while promoting facial blood circulation with its massaging effect. In addition, it readies the skin for the absorption of skincare products.

Fancl has also recently introduced a limited edition Perfect Washing Set which contains the brand’s Mild Cleansing Oil (60 ml) and Facial Washing Powder (25 g). Featuring the Ballet Dance design, the set also contains a foaming ball to help create a frothy lather. Retailing at S$28 at all local Fancl counters, this is a good way to try Fancl’s best-selling cleansing oil without committing to a full-sized bottle.

This set is somewhat value-for-money – the products in this box are half their original size but you will save S$1.50 and receive the foaming ball too! (The regular 120 ml bottle of MCO is S$33, while the full-sized  50 g bottle of Facial Washing Powder is S$26.) You can find instructions to using these products here and here. My pal Iris also explains how to use them all in her post about these Fancl products.

I received these products from Fancl Singapore and look forward to trying them, especially the ball and the puff! ;)

Image source: Fancl Singapore


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