Review | Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15

When Hourglass Cosmetics sent me its Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 to review, I was quite excited to try it. I’m not really a makeup base user – I’m happy using a moisturiser or a sunscreen – but I was somewhat curious about this star product from the brand, thanks to the raves that it has received from my friends over at The Beauty Grapevine (formerly the Emakemeup Grapevine).

Housed in a sleek glass and chrome pump bottle in the brand’s signature bronzed pewter, this product is both beautiful and functional (I really like hygienic pump dispensers for face products!).

True to its name, it imparts a light veil on the face and doesn’t have the thick consistency of some makeup bases – it’s really a light liquid lotion. It feels extremely comfortable on the skin and is very emollient (somewhat like a moisturising sunscreen), which helps foundations to glide on. It isn’t sticky at all, thankfully. It can be a bit too emollient but the good thing is that I don’t need an added moisturiser when using this. That said, people with oily skin might have to be careful with this; although I’ve read feedback from many reviewers who say that this works well on oily skin to hold makeup (here and here), its glide can be a bit too much for such a skin type.

Instead of a matte finish, it gives a subtle soft-focus glow that minimises the appearance of lines and blemishes. Some reviewers have mentioned a white cast but I don’t get that (it could be that I only use 1/2 to a pump of this). It does makes me  just a touch fairer but once my foundation is on, I cannot discern the difference at all.

Unfortunately, while it evens out my skintone and adds smoothness to my face, it doesn’t really control the oilies on my T-zone and chin area – I’ll have to blot within three hours. It does keep my makeup somewhat pristine though, which is a plus. Another added bonus is the inclusion of SPF 15 (physical sunscreen) – not really enough for me but adequate for those who do not spend much time in the sun.

According to the brand:

Veil Mineral Primer is formulated with naturally-derived titanium dioxide and zinc oxide instead of chemical sun-blocking agents. This water-resistant primer is also 100% free of fragrance, oil, and parabens.

Available at Sephora Singapore at S$76, this 30 ml bottle will be a hefty purchase. This might soften the sticker shock, though – like the Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss range, its local price isn’t too far from its price in the States (US$52). Sephora will provide samples of this product in their house sample pots, so do try it before buying.


  • Jan says:

    Thanks for the review. I also prefer a moisturiser and sunblock in one, but if I had to choose from some of the primers I have tried, I would choose Majolica’s Skin Lingerie Pore Cover. It doesn’t make my face feel “masky” or have any other uncomfortable sensation (EA’s actually made my face burn..eek) Has SPF 20 which is ok for indoors. oil control is good and has a matte finish on application :)

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