Review | Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Color Tweezer and Tweezermate Magnifying Mirror

I was pleasantly surprised recently to find out that Tweezerman, that famous purveyor of fine tweezers, can now be easily found at a local department store – Metro Singapore. Already available at Escentials, a niche beauty and fragrance store, the brand has finally landed in Singapore after what seems like eons to me. For years, it had been sporadically sold at salons and beauty stores at Far East Plaza but now, thankfully, it has an official – and recognised – distributor, Luxasia. I’m not sure if it’s available at all Metro stores but the brand has a gondola at Metro Paragon.

I was recently given a pair of Tweezerman Stainless Slant Color Tweezer in Signature Red (S$34) and Tweezermate Magnifying Mirror (S$26) by Metro to review. I already own Tweezerman tweezers but it’s always great to have a back-up! The mirror I haven’t tried, so was glad to have a chance to put it to the test.

The perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time with the smoothest, true precision.  In classic stainless steel or stainless steel with enamel color finishes.

– Tweezerman

Made in India, these tweezers are excellent as everyday tweezers. Sharp yet safe, they don’t hurt the skin because their tips are carefully filed down. I love my Rubis tweezers but they do have sharper edges than the Tweezerman version; I’ve nicked my skin once in a while with them (ouch!). I’d say that these red ones feel safer, for sure. :P

Their gentle graze doesn’t compromise their precision, though; they are accurate, grasping even potential in-grown hairs. They have a nice grip too – firm yet gentle. There’s a good spring to them that easily grabs errant hairs, extracting them effortlessly and often, painlessly.

Isolate even the finest hair for precise, easy tweezing. Our optically correct 10X magnifying mirror is clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion. Portable and practical, it conveniently attaches to any smooth surface. Perfect for home or travel.

Great for any precision tasks, from tweezing to make-up application to contact lens insertion. Attach to vanity mirror (or any smooth surface) by gently pushing – suction cups will compress to adhere firmly. (Lightly moisten cups first for better hold.)

– Tweezerman

True to its promise, this magnifying mirror does not distort its reflected images. Its clarity is exceptional, compared to the cheaper magnifying mirrors that I own. It is scary, though, seeing the fine strands that I’d missed in a conventional mirror! If you’re fastidious about brow cleanliness, this is a tool you should have. It will show up every single hair…as well as the pores and lines on your skin – a good reminder to mask, exfoliate and moisturise!

I don’t recommend this for eyeshadow application, however; it will confuse your perception of space and we don’t want that for shadow play. :)

An added bonus are the suction cups that help this mirror adhere to your regular one, so you have the best of both worlds. I’ve tried this and was quite impressed by how secure the mirror felt. This is surely easier than installing a retractable two-way mirror – I’d bought one from Ikea ages ago but never got down to putting it up because of the hassle involved. :P

At S$34, the tweezers are pricey but I’m fairly certain you’ll receive a direct 20% discount off them during Metro’s periodic 20% storewide sale events (Tweezerman isn’t a controlled brand, as far as I know). This means you need only pay S$27.20 (you save S$6.80).

Other Tweezerman products available at Metro Paragon include the brand’s folding lash comb (I own and LOVE this!), eyelash curlers, tweezer sets like a mini brow kit, callus stones, nail scissors and of course, the stainless steel tweezers,  in plain, printed and coloured versions.

Do check them out during this week’s Metro Ladies’ Night (19 November 2010), where there will be a storewide 20% discount + 10% off selected brands (I’m hoping Tweezerman is one of these brands; I’m eyeing the eyelash curler and maybe another lash comb!). And if you’d like to try your luck at winning a pair of Tweezerman tweezers, do take part in the Metro Ladies’ Night + Tweezerman Giveaway coming very soon. :)

Image sources: Metro Singapore and Tweezerman


  • TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    I’ve never had tweezerman tweezers before – I’ve been relying on my trusty old (and I mean really old) Revlon straight tipped and slant tipped tweezer set (remember when Revlon was what the cool kids wore?) that I don’t think is even available anymore….maybe I should look this up – and thanks so much for letting me know when Ladies’ Night is this year – it had completely slipped my mind…I’m picking up the Givenchy fall 2010 face powder and that gorgeous blush then.

    Also, that mirror looks scary – my pores will probably look like bullet holes up there ;)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey there, TUG!

      I certainly remember the Revlon tweezers being the epitome of tweezer must-have. I remember hunting down the gold ones at Tanglin Mall’s supermart! ;) The Tweezerman and Rubis ones are more superior, though, I must say. That mirror will show up more imperfections and hairs than I want but it does help me to clear more than I ever will with a regular mirror. :D

      Have fun at Metro Ladies’ Night – I’ll be there too!

  • Kas says:

    TheUndercoverGypsy: Hello! I have a pair of Revlon tweezers from sometime back but they got a bit blunt so its back to the Manicare one for me – I got the Revlon ones at Mustafa’s cosmetics department – I remember seeing an entire shelf of Revlon beauty aids there (the Mustafa outlet at Serangoon Plaza, the original Mustafa?) HTH :)

  • For as long as I’ve known you (11 years) you’ve wanted Tweezerman to come to Singapore so it’s a dream come true. They last so beautifully and you can always use a spare tweezers.

  • Fr0nd says:

    ooo i do need new tweezers… :P

  • Ashley says:

    When is the Metro Ladies Night? I have one Tweezerman got from Watsons I remember they were only $27 or so… Hmmm.

    These are good but it says free filing when it just blunt, Mag know of anything like that?


  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Ashley,

    I’m not sure if the Watsons ones are the same as these. I do know about the free filing service but don’t know if it applies to us. I’ll find out and will let you know! :)

    Oh, and Metro Ladies’ Night will happen this Friday, 19 November 2010 (6-11 pm). ;)

  • Kas says:

    Mag, what are the Kai ones? Actually, now i’m all interested in the Tweezerman ones – especially after you say they don’t nick the skin (YEOOOWCCCH!) Can’t wait till Friday to find out!!! :P

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Kas,

      Kai is a Japanese brand well-known for its blades and kitchen appliances. They also make beauty tools like eyelash curlers, brow razors and the like. You’ll feel the Tweezerman ones first-hand; hope you like them! ;)

  • pinkisloves says:

    hey! is the metro ladies’ night open to public or just to members??

  • pinkisloves says:

    oh dang. i have neither. sad!! :(

  • Louisa says:

    Hi Mag,

    This is Lynette’s sister :) How are you?

    I wanted to ask if you know the price of the Tweezerman metal lash comb at Metro Paragon?

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