SK-II Clear for Life Project and Christmas Tree Light-Up at Tangs

In conjunction with its Clear for Life water campaign, SK-II Singapore held a Christmas tree light-up at Tang Plaza Promenade outside Tangs last Friday. Look closely – the tree is composed of 20000 bottles of the brand’s star product, Facial Treatment Essence! They represent the 200000 litres of clear drinking water pledged by SK-II’s Clear for Life project to Asian communities in need.

The light-up event kick-started the brand’s campaign to bring more purified water to needy areas. Collaborating with World Vision (Singapore), SK-II hopes to do this through the distribution of PUR water purification packets which creates drinkable water in 30 minutes – very practical for remote areas.

A smaller version of the tree can be found in the SK-II event tent outside Tangs. The key ingredient of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, pitera, helps to improve the clarity of skin and interestingly, it was discovered when a scientist noticed that the hands of the workers at a Japanese sake brewery looked exceptionally youthful. This product is indubitably an apt choice for this campaign, considering its moniker – ‘miracle water’! ;)

What a clever idea to use these bottles to form a tree…and a good way to create further brand/project awareness.

Present at the event were local celebrity Zoe Tay and SK-II brand ambassador Qiqi. Zoe was every bit as elegant and stunning as she looks in the entertainment press, while Qiqi exuded confidence and poise.

My pal Iris was there too. She wore an exquisite blue butterfly brooch from Swarovski that matched her sapphire dress. I couldn’t help but think that her blues were suitable for the water theme. :)

Before the light-up, Qiqi shared her personal experience of not having access to clean drinking water when she travelled to disaster-stricken areas. She also pledged a personal donation of 100000 litres of water.

The SK-II Christmas tree measuring 30 feet

To participate in this campaign, the public can purchase an SK-II Festive set from Tangs Orchard: SK-II will donate 30 litres of water to World Vision (Singapore) for every purchase of this set and a generous 3000 litres, for purchases amounting to S$1000 (including at least one SK-II Festive set). Customers who purchase an SK-II Festive set will enjoy complimentary pampering services at the SK-II event tent. From 16 to 25 November 2010, SK-II will also be giving away free bottles of water to raise awareness. :)

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  • TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    Oooh, I think I saw this on my way back from the Metro Ladies’ Night thing…I decided to stop by Tangs to see if the Guerlain holiday collection had come in (it has, fyi). This sounds like a very thoughtful campaign – Tangs seems to be in the news so much with regard to their environment friendly campaigns. The Clarins tie-up with National Parks also comes to mind.

    SK II has always been an intriguing brand to me – very posh, very mysterious (miracle water, anyone?) but still very consumer conscious – they introduced the more youthful aqua physics line the minute they realised that they had a younger market to target, not only the over 40s as their old ads used to imply. But still…I haven’t tried a single product of theirs, not sure why…have you tried any of them, Mag?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi TUG,

      Yes, Clarins had the beautiful orchids! I thought they really livened up Tangs that time. :)

      I’ve used several of their products, including the Miracle Water (hehe, funny name). It really does clarify my skin!

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