Review | L’Oréal Kids Strawberry Smoothie 2-in-1 Shampoo for Extra Softness

Infused with the sweetness and tangy scent of strawberry, this shampoo for children – also known as Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo in the UK – exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance when I first tried it – it carries an authentic whiff of the juicy fruit, thanks to its touch of tart. More important than the fruity fragrance, though, is its performance and I’m glad to say that I am delighted by its efficacy.

It isn’t meant for me, of course; it’s for the children. However, ever since I tried it when I ran out of my regular shampoo, I’ve been using it on and off, thanks to my first positive experience. Although it doesn’t work perfectly on long(er) and processed hair like mine, it cleanses and conditions adequately. I was truly surprised when my hair felt clean, manageable and somewhat soft the first time I used it. I like it best when my scalp has produced more sebum than usual (i.e. when my hair isn’t overly dry). Then, it leaves my hair smooth and tangle-free.

I also like it when I need to de-gunk my hair without the stripping that some clarifying shampoos can cause. It didn’t condition as well as a salon brand shampoo when my hair was thermally-reconditioned but it still worked quite well. :) For ordinary/unprocessed and children’s hair, this 2-in-1 formula truly conditions and detangles hair, just like it claims. It is also ophthalmologist-tested and tear-free.

The bottle is a cheery pink with a red capped top that has an iridescent green shimmer that glistens under my bathroom lighting. The green shimmer, which reminds me of the green leaves of a strawberry, adds an element of interest to the bottle and displays the care the company put into its design. When grabbed from the side, the squeeze bottle is comfortable to hold (do it from the front and you’ll be annoyed, no thanks to its flatness). It dispenses the right amount (or ‘burst’, as L’Oréal calls it) of creamy pink shampoo that has a pretty – almost metallic – sheen to it.

My family loves this product so much that we have used up many bottles. We’ve since taken to buying more than one bottle at a time. The price varies from place to place but this shampoo retails at under S$10 here in Singapore. I’ve seen it priced at under US$4 in the States and under £3 in the UK.

Image source: L’Oréal Paris USA


  • Cheryl says:

    Ooh I love this too! The smell is awesome! There’s another L’oreal kids one that’s a blue bottle with an orange cap, for after swimming- it’s great too! My hair’s even softer after using that blue one than the strawberry one!

    Anyway I’ve seen the L’oreal shampoos for $5 or $6 at little beauty shops like Beauty Language and Venus Beauty. When Robinsons has their expo sale, you can get it around that price too!

  • Kat says:

    I love this too! However after I confessed to my hairdresser that I was using baby shampoo he said baby shampoo is not good for color processed hair like mine. Something about the ph level.

    I still buy it for my boys but lately my 10YO has been wanting “normal” shampoo like his older brothers’. Sigh. They grow so fast.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Kat!

      He is right! But I do use baby shampoo as clarifying shampoos (J&J’s). ;) This one is creamier, so it doesn’t strip the hair as much, I reckon. What would be ‘normal shampoo’ in your household? :D

  • Kas says:

    ok, time for a silly story – I tried the Johnsons & Johnsons baby shampoo that says No More Tears? I opened my eyes while rinsing off, just to see what happens – my eyes stung like MAD.

    that said, I’ve always been attracted to these in the range – the bottles are so colourful (I think there’s a blueberry in the lineup?) – wonder if it’ll pouff up my hair and keep the curls … shall try when I run out of Tsubaki

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Kas,

      I use J & J baby shampoo as a clarifying shampoo and yes, it can sting the eyes. :P

      There is a blueberry in the range but my family keeps going back to strawberry. :D

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