Anna Sui Lip Gloss C in 200 Fuchsia Pink

So I caved and purchased this gorgeous lipgloss from Anna Sui!

Part of the Anna Sui Spring 2011 collection, Anna Sui Lip Gloss C in 200 Fuchsia Pink (S$33) is a soft fuchsia lifted by crystalline blue shimmer. Suspended within the translucent pink gel, the blue shimmer makes the gloss look almost purple. If you’d like to try blue glosses but are leery of too much blue, this is a great way to give the hue a whirl.

Blue/turquoise shimmer in lip products is apparently good for brightening a smile but I like it simply because it’s beautiful, plus it adds an element of complexity to a lip colour.

This gloss stole my heart, being the work of makeup art that it is. It’s so pretty that I could stare at it for ages! ♥


  • Kas says:

    Awesome picture – sometimes the iridescent shimmer is very hard to capture but its real nice here.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Kas,

      I wish the lighting was a tad brighter, though. But the flash seems to wash out the shimmer, so I took all these shots without using the flash!

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