Anna Sui Spring 2011 Makeup Collection Part II: Base Makeup

Here are more makeup lovelies from Anna Sui! Part II of the brand’s beauty offerings for Spring 2011, this collection comprises:

  • Protective Foundation Primer C (Clear) SPF38 PA++ S$49
  • Protective Foundation Primer L (Long-lasting) SPF38 PA++ S$49

Only available in Shade 200 / Platinum Purple, don’t be put off by the colour and the name – the lavender shade works to reduce sallowness, while its subtle pearls brighten the face. This primer also promises to even the skin tone, camouflage enlarged pores and aid in sebum control.

Interestingly enough, this primer is formulated with capsules filled with water-based ingredients that burst upon contact with skin, lending the product a refreshing feel.

It spreads decently and doesn’t leave an unsightly cast on the skin. However, I’m not thoroughly convinced of its oil-control properties, although it gives the skin a subtle glow.

  • Protective Loose Powder SPF20 PA++ S$65

A translucent UV powder, this finely-milled product contains little pearlised particles to brighten the visage and sebum-absorbing powder to remove excess sebum. It does have a strong rose scent, so it would be best to give this a sniff before purchasing.

When I looked in the bag that Anna Sui Singapore gave me, this was the first product that caught my eye; I was quite taken by the floral print – it’s so pretty! However, I’m a touch disappointed that the fragrance is too overwhelming for me. I haven’t tried it on my face yet but I hope the scent dissipates quickly.

As with most Anna Sui products, the almost-iridescent white pot has a feminine feel, thanks to the rose motif and floral design.

The loose powder refill is hygienically sealed – to release it, you will have to cut and tear off the lid of the paper box that contains it.

  • Loose Powder Compact Set S$91

This limited edition set consists of a loose powder compact and a beauty mirror.

Like the Protective Loose Powder, this slightly-shimmery lavender powder contains sebum-absorbing powder and is rose-scented as well.

I’ve always been curious about compacts that hold loose powder. This particular one seems quite well-designed with its almost-bouncy silicone sieve that releases product without spilling it, thanks to the multiple slits on the surface (versus tiny holes).

The flat compact mirror compact has two faces – a regular one and a magnifying one. It’d be good for tweezing on the go. ;)

  • Foundation Case Set S$30

A good deal at S$30, this set consists of a powder foundation case and a small tube of Protective Foundation Primer L.

If you’d like a change from the ubiquitous Anna Sui black rose foundation case, this whimsical compact reminiscent of the cheery ’60s might do the trick.

I like how the sponge sits on a separate holder to keep it from resting on the product pan. The curved edge is a thoughtful touch – it helps me to lift the holder without fumbling for leverage, as can happen with some compacts.

  • Facial Refining Sheet $42

These individually packaged sheets are saturated with Anna Sui Refining Base, a water-based lotion that contains exfoliating agents and controls sebum. The sheets promise to remove dead skin build-up and blackheads. According to the brand, they can only be used once or twice a week (proof of their efficacy?).

I haven’t tried them but I think these portable sachets will be good for travellers.

Image source: Anna Sui Singapore

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