MAC Packed to Go: 5 Define & Blend Brushes

Part of the MAC Packed to Go collection available only at airports and downtown duty-free locations, this brush set (S$114 at Changi Airport and Singapore DFS stores) comprises:

  • A striped zippered brush pouch (80% polyester, 20% cotton)
  • 129SE brush for powder and blush
  • 190SE brush for foundation
  • 224SE brush for eyeshadow blending
  • 242SE brush for eyeshadows and cream products
  • 266SE brush for eyeliners and brow products

All are made in China but assembled in Canada.

I’m not fond of the textured pouch material but I do like the angles at both ends which give the case a wider mouth and easier access to products inside. It’s fairly roomy and will hold a good number of makeup items, as well as travel-sized skincare products.

The special-edition travel-sized brushes (denoted by the letters ‘SE’) feel surprising soft and resilient (I bent and flipped the bristles as a test).

Save for the 266SE which is slightly fuller than the full-sized MAC 266 brush (something that I’ve noticed throughout the years with this tool in MAC brush sets; I prefer this particular brush to be flatter and more precise), the rest are comparable to the actual full-sized brushes.

I personally travel with full-sized brushes because makeup is my obsession but if you’d like a travel brush set that is somewhat comprehensive and of decent quality, this might be something to try.


  • Sam says:

    Can’t wait to see the new MAC travel collections when I’m in Singapore. I’ve honestly never considered buying a set for travel, shall have to have a think about it…love the lipgloss set, very economical!

  • Su says:

    Hi there,
    Do you purchase this set? Was wondering if these brushes hold their shape well after washing. Had many bad experiences buying brushes. They shed hair or lose their shape.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Su,

      I haven’t washed them yet. They seem rather sturdy and well-made, compared to some of the MAC brush sets I’ve seen in the past. If you don’t want to take the risk, you could purchase the full-sized ones – those certainly hold up to the test of time!

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