The Body Shop Earth Lovers 100% Biodegradable Shower Gels

When I first received this picnic basket from The Body Shop, I had no idea it was a product press kit from the brand to introduce the new Earth Lovers shower gel range.

Ensconced within were the new bath gels, as well as cucumbers, snow pears and lemons. It’s a clever way to promote the range, not to mention refreshing…in every sense of the word. ;)

Not only are these environmentally-friendly bath products 100% biodegradable, they also come in 100% recycled bottles (♥!) in a soothing green tone. Made with Community Fair Trade aloe vera and a blend of herb and fruit extracts, they do not contain sulphates, parabens or colourants. As such, they promise to be non-drying and suitable for sensitive skin.

These delicious-smelling shower gels (250 ml/S$14.90) come in the following scents:

  • Apricot & Basil
  • Cucumber & Mint
  • Fig & Rosemary
  • Lemon & Thyme
  • Pear & Lemongrass
  • Watermelon & Eucalyptus

I’ve sniffed some of them and like how natural and non-synthetic they smell. A few are particularly sweet and uplifting! That said, there is also a fragrance-free version for those who are averse to scents.

From now till 17 April 2011, a value-for-money offer allows you to save on these yummilicious bath gels: Purchase 2 bottles and receive 1 free or purchase 4 bottles and receive 2 free. :)


  • Sam says:

    These are lovely – I bought Apricot and Basil on my holiday in Singapore and Cucumber and Mint and Pear and Lemongrass when I got back home. They seem to lather better than regular shower gels for me. I love that they’re soap free. We didn’t get Lemon and Thyme though :(

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Sam,

      I’m glad they work for you! I’m looking forward to trying them after I’m done with my current shower gel. :)

  • Cheryl says:

    Wow that is one very pretty basket! I think I’ll also drop by the Body Shop to sniff at their new products, you make it sound very good.

  • Adele says:

    I love them!!! Have yet to find time to go get some…

  • stella says:

    i’m definitely getting this, but much as i love any eco-friendly products especially for beauty products which are often excessively packaged and produce too much wastage IMO, i really wish TBS would cut down more on its packaging for their gift sets and press kits, and use more bio-degradable material for all that packaging. i mean, does the press need another picnic basket? it’s a nice touch but these are used to house so many gift items/food hampers these days. also is that paper i see in the basket alongside the veggies and the shower gels?

    i don’t mean to pick on TBS, but honestly, they should do a better job at promoting the environmental cause. as it is, they’re already a little behind in the eco-friendly product movement

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Stella,

      I know where you’re coming from. It frustrates me at times when a brand says it’s going/being eco but sends single-sided press release sheets. :(

      The picnic basket is something I’d use at least (and can be used more than once), so in a sense, it’s better than a paper or plastic bag which would end up being trashed eventually. I don’t own a single picnic basket (don’t buy hampers or Christmas food sets)! ;) I think the paper was to protect the pears (juice?).

      You’ve given valid feedback; hope the company takes it into consideration. :)

  • ALEXUTZA says:

    I really need to check those out too. Confused which one to get, but I’m inclined towards the watermelon and the apricot one.

  • Bharti says:

    I bought the FIG & ROSEMARY one yesterday and I can’t believe how good it felt having a shower with that. Specially the whole thing which is earth friendly to your body and the environment. I felt clean with that shower gel. I just hope they make this into a permanent line later like they did with the LEMON line. Or else I’m gonna stock up lol.

    Love your blog!! I’m following you now, please follow back ^_^.


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