Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit

At a recent Metro sale, I purchased this eyebrow palette from Clarins. Originally priced at S$62, I paid S$49.60 for it, after a direct 20% discount.

Comprising three eyebrow colours (for a gradated, blended look or to suit hair colour changes), a fixing wax, a highlighting eyeshadow, a mini spooly, a double-ended applicator with a sponge tip and an angled brush tip, as well as a pair of mini tweezers, this comprehensive brow compact has almost everything you need for brow neatening/colouring. I like how the visual instructions explain the usage steps clearly.

(A brow gel, a brow pencil and mini scissors would complete the kit but that’s me being pernickety; it is, admittedly, a rather complete set! ;))

The tweezers work quite well – they aren’t quite as precise as, say, Rubis or Tweezerman tweezers but they do remove errant hairs (and painlessly too). The spooly is ordinary but the angled brow brush impressed me with its soft yet firm quality which easily picks up/deposits/blends the brow powders.

The three brow colours go on smoothly to fill in and define my brows, while the brow wax intensifies and fixes the brow look. I like the brightening eyeshadow too – it reminds me of the satiny shadows in the Clarins Neo Pastels Eye Colour & Liner Palette…très bien indeed.

This compact would be great for travel and touch-ups, given its portability and array of brow products. Best of all, there are no duds in this set; everything works as it should! :)


  • Kas says:

    This looks great! I keep not using my brow palettes (with the brow powder and wax) because I realise that I have a tendency to be too heavy-handed with the powder+wax and end up with giant caterpillar eyebrows instead. Do you have any tips on how to control (or DAMAGE CONTROL even!) the powder+wax application? Maybe a short picture tutorial plssssssss :D

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Kas,

      I’d say a good firm yet soft brush helps a lot in this aspect. Daubing with wax prior to picking up powder can work but we need to be very light-handed. Another way to use the wax is to apply it after powder. Running a spooly through the brows always helps.

      Not sure about a tutorial – they’re so much work! :P

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