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Last year, Kao Singapore took over the management of Kanebo Singapore. With this change, Kate, which is under Kanebo, has been given more exposure and shelf space – you can now easily find the brand at Watsons stores across the island, as well as the BHG beauty department.

It is cheering to see Kate receive more love here. I’ve enjoyed the brand ever since my beauty pal Iris introduced it to me during her time in Tokyo. It’s great that not only is Kate readily available here, it is also doing very well, according to Kanebo.

In the spirit of giving the brand more exposure, Kate held an event for beauty bloggers last Tuesday evening, where my friends and I were treated to a makeup demonstration by Kate makeup artist Mikiya Hirai, as well as a smorgasbord of Kate makeup to play with.

During the makeup demo, Hirai-san showed us how to spiff up an existing look.

After using a piece of tissue to blot excess sebum, he applied Kate Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation to mattify the face.

He then used Kate Designing Eyebrow for a natural brow finish.

The highlight of the demo was Kate Eye Shadow DB (Dual-Blend), an eyeshadow duo whose colours can be blended to create a third colour. He applied that and finished the eye look with the popular Kate Super Sharp Liner and Kate Volume Mascara FR.

Using Kate Full Coverage Pressed Powder UV, he shaded the face and added Kate Cheek Color S after that. To highlight the facial planes, he lightly dusted a lighter shade of powder foundation – I love and use this trick sometimes because it imparts a more natural look.

Lastly, he applied Kate Rouge Ex, over which he slicked on a little Kate Liquid Rouge N. To ensure that the lip products did not bleed, he gently patted powder along the perimeter of the lip contours, adding a dab of highlighter on the cupid’s bow for a brightening effect.

The finished look!

After the demo, we were able to play with the spread of Kate makeup and create looks of our own. I particularly appreciated the fact that the products were all new and not grubby testers from the counters.

As with many of the Kate cosmetics I own, the quality of the makeup we played with was excellent.

Here’s the chaos that ensued, post-makeup play! :P

Some noteworthy Kate products include:

  • Eye Shadow DB (Dual Blend) – I’ve tested this range at Watsons and really like how pigmented and blendable they are.
  • Kate Eyeliner FR – This tiny liner with a three-prong tip gets in between the lashes to darken them.
  • Kate Super Sharp Liner – An ex-flight attendant with Singapore Airlines once told me that her colleagues loved this water-resistant liquid eyeliner because of the black and defined line it creates.
  • Kate Cheek Color S – I own this but haven’t used it in a while. Seeing it at the event reminded me of its full and comfy brush; I like the fact that the blush compact lid has a curved/raised section just to accommodate the tool.

The event was held at Fuze@283, an event space that was perfect for Kate. The décor was suitable bejewelled, reminiscent of Kate’s more lavish ad campaigns. In addition, the black interior was accented with touches of red – both colours being Kate’s signature hues.

Here are some lovely group shots from the event! Pictured in the photo above are: Sara, Sarah, me, Jerlaine, Valerie and Iris.

And I leave you with a parting shot of Kate cupcakes. ;)

To be updated on Kate product launches and promotions, do follow the brand on its Facebook page.

Image source: Kate Singapore


  • Oh my goodness! Makeup heaven and makeup cupcakes to go with it. I absolutely love the KATE style. Looked like you had fun. ^_^ x

  • TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    I like Kate products too – especially the liquid foundations – it’s great that they actually cater to a fairly broad spectrum of skin tones, considering the fact that they’re a Japanese company. I always have a bottle of the brighten-up liquid (the foundation bottle with a white cap) to lighten some of my other liquid foundations.
    It’s always great to see makeup artists at work during an event, so your step-by-step breakdown of the makeover was really helpful.
    Thanks for the list of products you’ve suggested, I can start working on it. I haven’t yet tried the blushes, but they look yummy! You’ve become such an enabler of my blush buying tendencies, beginning with the Canmake creams :P

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi TUG,

      You’re welcome! The blushes aren’t full-on pigmented but that’s the good thing about them. :) Have fun exploring Kate!

  • sesame says:

    You look very nice – I just realized – you straightened your hair? Or maybe most of the time I’ve seen you, you’ve got your hair tied up? Let it down. Very chic looking!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hello Sesame!

      Thank you! I straightened it because it was all over the place and I was getting fed up with the little kink in my fringe. My hair is flatter now, though but more manageable. ;) I wish I could let it down more often but the hot and humid weather we’ve been having makes it hard, unfortunately. :P

  • Jolin says:


    It it possible to contact any Kate Office Personal in Singapore

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