New Biotherm Aquasource

This May sees the launch of a reformulated Aquasource, Biotherm’s star moisturiser.

Available in two versions – one for dry skin and one for normal/combination skin – this product now comes with a friendlier price tag of S$69 (it previously cost S$75).

Containing a vegetal pulp derivative known as mannose (a natural sugar that helps trees to store water) to promote deeper penetration of moisture, as well as pure thermal plankton cellular water that is similar to our skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF), this revamped version of the brand’s popular moisturiser promises to impart long-lasting hydration of up to 48 hours (vs the 24 hours promised by its predecessor).

Paraben and mineral oil free, this product is essentially a light creamy gel with a soothing sensation. Besides its skincare merits, the packaging is somewhat eco-friendly too – its pot is made of 40% recycled glass!

I’m certainly looking forward to trying this; in part because I really liked the older version, thanks to its light texture and plumping effect (I’d used up a jar or two!). Given my penchant for trying out new products, I’d veered away from this face cream but I was delighted when a whiff of that familiar scent took me down beauty memory lane. :)

Image source: Biotherm Singapore Facebook Page


  • eyeCandy says:

    I used to LOVE Biothernm’s Aquasource. I used the Aquasource for Very Dry skin. The new formulation is AWFUL. I woukd gladly pay double to get the old formula. I switched to Nutrisource. Not as good but it has the oil content I need.

    The new formula doesn’t soak in, it’s less emollient, doesn’t give my skin a dewy look after and even worse done gunk is left on top of my skin. I had to wash my face right after.

    I thought I’d bought a bad batch till I found out it was changed and that a new formula was released.

    BIOTHERM please bring the old formula back! I chose this product for the high Squalane oil content and the dewy feel it left. Not sure what changed to make it so gross but please fix it! Why fix perfection?!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi eyeCandy,

      I hope they rectify this; sorry to hear about your negative experience. Have you tried Clarins HydraQuench? That might be a good alternative for you. :)

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