Beauty Bliss at Bliss Spa Singapore

Bliss Singapore recently treated a few of my mummy friends and me to a post-Mother’s Day afternoon of relaxation.

Nestled in a spacious corner in Sephora Ion, Bliss Spa is ideally located for mid-shopping pampering. I like that it’s centrally located – right smack in Orchard – yet allows us to get away from the the maddening crowd! :)

A calming alcove, the establishment is a palliative for frazzled nerves, thanks to the soothing blue and white décor.

On the wall above the seating area are printed several witty Bliss sayings such as ‘you’re only as young as you peel’ and ‘soap for the best’…super cute! In front of it is a glass table which usually holds small bites and refreshing beverages.

Here is the ‘Spashimi’ conveyor belt, where Essie polishes and Diamancel nail/foot files make their rounds. Besides Essie polishes, Bliss Spa Singapore also offers a nice range of OPI nail lacquers.

Here’s the manicure station, looking quite pristine.

And here’s the pedicure station, looking ultra-comfy! In front of it are two television screens airing contemporary programs – headphones are provided and customers can choose the show they want to watch while they have their feet attended to.

Here I am, with my friends Adele, Angie and Caryl; awaiting our pedicure treatments after we had chosen them and filled in the Bliss Spa customer forms.

Do note that once the spa has your personal details, it will offer special discounts on your birthday month and will email you regarding this – I just received my birthday discount! ;)

I had the Bliss Tootsie Fruitie pedicure treatment (S$75/60 minutes). The pedicure was firstly a visual treat: I loved how pretty the generous slices of citrus fruits looked afloat the basin of milky liquid.

According to Bliss, the fruits they use for this pedi-treatment (and the drinks they concoct) come from ThreeSixty Marketplace, the gourmet supermarket on the 4th level of Ion. Good to know they use top-quality stuff!

The citrus-centred pedi-treatment comprises an exfoliating sugar scrub with crushed pineapple and a comfortable foot massage with Bliss Blood Orange+White Pepper Body Butter. Despite the nature of this treatment, the experience was unexpectedly more relaxing than stimulating.

To enhance the sense of cleanliness, the nail tools are wrapped in sterilisation pouches, plus the tools go immediately into a steriliser, post-use.

Here I am looking all relaxed with a delicious Bliss Fresh Peach Froothie in my hand!

My nail technician was the gentle Hasana, whom Sesame recommended. She has a soft touch, yet she did a thorough job of cleaning and shaping my nails. I liked how she consulted me regarding my desired nail shape and the massage pressure I preferred, as well as how she took care to ensure that I was comfortable.

I’d observed her recently when I was at the spa on another occasion and saw that she treated the client she was working on with the same meticulous care. Kudos to the thoughtful service!

My friends had the Hot Milk & Almond, Pedi Colada and Double Choc pedi-treatments (also S$75 for 60 minutes) which come with their own drinks (made fresh in the Bliss Spa pantry!) and snacks.

I didn’t manage to snap a pic as we were all having our treatments simultaneously but according to Adele, who had the Pedi Colada treatment, the pedi comes with a warm and stimulating massage courtesy of lava shells. Fascinating.

Here are our happy feet, preened and polished!

Angie chose a glimmering silver from the OPI Designer series, while Adele went for OPI Suede Nail Lacquer in You Don’t Know Jacques. Funnily enough, Caryl’s tropical nail lacquer hues from OPI were more congruous with my Tootsie Fruitie treatment, while my MAC Nail Lacquer in Formidable from Venomous Villains (I’d brought my own nail polish) seemed more matching with her chocolate pedicure! :D

The S$75 price tag is likely to raise brows – it is undoubtedly a high price to pay for a pedicure. However, these Bliss pedi-treatments are worth a splurge, given the soothing ambience of the spa, the high-quality products used and the overall soothing experience. It might not be something I’d do monthly but it’s certainly an option when I want a super pampering treat for my feet. :)

After our pedicures, we were treated to Bliss’s signature Regenerating Vitamn A, C and E Oxygen Spray (S$45/15 minutes). Not only does this treatment promise to reinvigorate and add radiance to the complexion, it also includes a relaxing facial massage. I didn’t want to remove my makeup but my friends who experienced it fully enjoyed the facial.

Angie told me that she’d read in entertainment magazines that celebrities go for this quick facial treatment as a finishing touch to ready themselves for the red carpet. I can imagine why – despite my not having the facial massage, the all-over spritz gave me a glow that lasted quite a while!

The fine mist is infused with the vitamin essences and carries an odd scent; nothing off-putting, though. I enjoyed how thorough my therapist was – she covered every inch of my visage. The cool spray was refreshing and soothing at the same time and though the treatment was only 15 minutes, it actually felt longer to me (this despite me not having the massage).

S$45 for 15 minutes may seem quite indulgent but I’m tempted to try this again – properly – after seeing my friends’ radiant faces, post-treatment. ;)

Here’s Adele receiving a face massage, Caryl getting her brows waxed (she’d requested this as an extra treatment) and Angie preparing to receive her oxygen spray.

After our treatments, we made a quick trip to the spick-and-span toilet decorated in soothing green tiles. In place of hand wash, the spa had placed a bottle of the brand’s deliciously-scented Blood Orange + White Pepper Soapy Suds Body Wash in the restroom!

Thereafter, we were given a short tour of the unisex spa treatment rooms.

Each room has a clever tagline.

According to Bliss SG, each of the heated spa beds cost north of S$10,000 and have body contouring features.

I was taken with the paper curtains that dressed every room. These delicate veils have intricate designs on them that throw off beautiful shadows when the rooms are lit. I can’t imagine the efforts the spa will have to go to to clean them but I suppose they are worth the visual aesthetics.

Here we are, all refreshed and relaxed. These are some of the nicest and hardest-working mummies I know and they all deserved this pampering afternoon!

I was tickled to find a photo booth at the spa. It works exactly like the real thing and the photo service is complimentary. What a clever idea!

♥ Goodbye Bliss Spa and thanks for the beauty bliss – we’ll be back soon!

To allow customers to recreate part of the Bliss experience, the brand’s products are sold in the spa and in Sephora Ion itself. The spa is open 7 days a week. You can view the US spa menu here – Bliss Spa Singapore offers most of these services. Happily, the treatment prices in Singapore are much lower than those in the US! ;)

Do visit the Bliss Singapore Facebook page for more information and to be updated on promotions. To book an appointment, you can contact Bliss Spa Singapore directly at (65) 6509 3511.

Here’s a nice way to try the services offered at Bliss Spa Singapore:

Receive a 20% discount for services above S$35 when you quote ‘Makeup Stash!’.

Appointments must be made before 30 June 2011.

Only valid for treatments from Monday to Thursday, before 5 pm.

~ Enjoy some afternoon delight! ~


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