MAC Semi Precious in Singapore

We can all admire a girl with a 30 – carat diamond. But the NEW dazzle is SEMI PRECIOUS. Gems that are rare in spirit, rich in substance and worn fluidly, on the skin.

In M·A·C SEMI PRECIOUS, four finely milled gems- bronzite, black tourmaline, gold pyrite and lilac lepidolite bring their own earthly and spiritual affluence to three key elements of the mineralize collection: Eye Shadows, Skinfinish and Blush.

Setting them off: a collection of colour, two mineralize skincare formulas and four NEW LIMITED-LIFE split fibre brushes. Like everything this precious, these elements start off rare and tend to get rarer… get rich while you can!


Available in July 2011 at all MAC locations across the island, the photos of this mega MAC collection speak for themselves. One thing’s for sure – it’s lemmings-galore for me; I especially want the MESes and the brushes!


Mineral Mode – Mélange White Base with Copper and Gray

Unsurpassable – Mélange Green, Teal, Purple and Copper

Jade’s Fortune – Mélange Bright Yellow, Blue, Lime and Black

Hint of Sapphire – Mélange Pink, Violet, Teal, Copper and Blue

Clarity – Mélange Light Pink, Off White Green, Gold and Black

Golden Gaze – Mélange Gold and Black

Faux Gold – Mélange Coral, Gold, Lime and Bronze

Quartz Fusion – Mélange Soft Pink, Silver, Deep Pink

Rare Find – Mélange Violet, Brown and Gold

Blue Sheen – Mélange Navy, Black and Peach

Dark Indulgence – Mélange Forest Green and Black

Smoked Ruby – Mélange Burgundy and Black


Feeling Flush – Mélange Pink, Deep Blue, Pink, Soft Brown

Pressed Amber – Mélange Nude, Beige, Brown

Warmth of Coral – Mélange Coral, Peach


Semi Precious Crystal – Pink Base – Pink Champagne; Inner Circle – Pink, Dirty Green, Bronze

Semi Precious Goldstone – Base – Brown; Inner Circle – Rosy Pink,White, Gold

Semi Precious Pearl – Base – Beige Champagne; Inner Circle – White, Plum, Bronze

Semi Precious Rose Quartz – Base – Rosy Pink; Inner Circle – Silver, Lime, White Pink, Copper


  • Lush Amber – Light Nude Beige
  • Gem of Roses – Mid-tone Strawberry Pink
  • One of a Kind – Mid-tone Rosy Neutral
  • Musky Amethyst – Deep Plum


  • Pure Magnificence – Light Grey Pink
  • Natural Flare – Light Caramel Nude
  • Geo Pink – Strawberry Pink
  • Looks Like Sin – Mid-tone Reddish Plum
  • Richly Revered – Deep Brown Plum


  • Zoom Fast Black Lash – Deepest Black


  • Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation in NC35 (S$55)
  • Mineralize Charged Water in Revitalizing Energy (S$37)
  • Mineralize Face + Body All-Over Lotion (S$TBC)


234 – Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush (S$39)

235 – Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush (S$60)

128 – Split Fibre Cheek Brush (S$59)

179 – Angled Split Fibre Buffer Brush (S$84)

Here are some application recommendations by Beno Lim, M.A.C Senior Artist, Singapore:


APPLY: Blend Bare Study Paint Pot onto your eyelid with 217 Brush using soft sweeping motions.

BLEND: Press Faux Gold Mineralize Eye Shadow onto your eyelid and inner part of your eye with the 239 Brush. Blend Quartz Fusion Mineralize Eye Shadow softly from the outside of your eyelid to your temple area with the 224 Brush.

FINISH: Add Lofty Brown Zoom Lash to your upper lashes.


APPLY: Buff Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 onto your skin with the 130 Brush to create a veil of coverage.

BLEND: Softly contour under your cheekbones and your temples with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural using the 168 Brush.

APPLY: Buff Semi Precious Pearl Mineralize Skinfinish onto cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead with the 130 Brush.

FINISH: Blend Vanilla Pigment along the top of the cheekbones for an even more golden shimmer effect.


APPLY: Use the 179 Brush to apply Feeling Flush to the apples of your cheeks.

BLEND: Highlight your cheekbones with Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder/Loose with the 168 Brush.

FINISH: Create luscious lips with Clear Lipglass using the 318 Brush.


APPLY: Buff Pressed Amber Mineralize Blush into the contours of the cheek with the 128 Brush.

BLEND: Apply Warmth of Coral Mineralize Blush onto the cheekbones with the 179 Brush to create a natural suntaned look to the skin.

FINISH: Mist the skin with a generous amount of Mineralize Charged Water to give the products you’ve applied a more transparent effect.

Image source: MAC Singapore


  • Farah Dean says:

    I want those e/s, blush, MSFs & brushes! I esp want 128 & 234 brushes & the pink & coral blush & all the e/s!!!

  • AT says:

    I’m eyeing 234. Are they LE? Also, would you know if there are 2 each of the same brushes (one black and the other grey/white) or is the right brush the reverse of the same brush? Thank you!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi AT,

      I believe they’re limited edition. I haven’t seen them in person yet but I’m fairly certain they’re two-sided – they’re called split fibre brushes, after all. :)

  • nia says:

    woah! interesting brushes!

  • Mei says:

    The brushes look really good! :) something unique to! can’t wait to get them.

  • Sam says:

    Wow! I love Mineralize Skin Finishes and blushes – will have to start saving.

  • Mei says:

    Hi Mag! For me I’m looking forward to the cheek brush and buffer brush. Haven’t gotten MAC face brushes recently so it’s a good time to get some :D

  • tiffany says:

    Wow!! The nude lip gloss looks really promising!! Wonder if its moisturizing. Which eye shadow are you eyeing Mag?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Definitely Dark Indulgence (but I wonder if the green would be as vibrant as that in the stock visual) and maybe Clarity! :)

  • nurul says:

    do u knw exactly when will they be released?

  • jy says:

    i went to see this collection after reading your tweets and my oh my… total damage: $160+!

    the eyeshadow colors are brilliant and how one pot alone can come out with so many different shades but it makes blending for both eyes a little tough unless i brush at the exact same spot as i did previously.

    my friends commented that the skinfinish natural in rose quartz (which i used as a blusher) is very pretty!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi JY,

      Enjoy your wonderful haul; some of the colours are very pretty! It is true that the melange of hues makes it difficult to replicate the shades, though.

  • Nur Mardyah says:

    hello! i am nur mardyah 19+ coming 20 yrs old. n i from singapore. I want to be learning makeup course for study only. and then btw how much the makeup courses? I really2 interested with that makeup all the time…. but tis is my dream activities2 for the makeup skills…:) if u dont mind u just added my facebook then we can discuss for the makeup courses….once again thanks

  • Nur Mardyah says:

    I want to be learning makeup course for study only. and then how much the make up courses? I really2 interested with that makeup all the time…. but tis is my dream activities2 for the makeup skills…thank you:)

  • Riza says:

    Please let me know if MAC semi precious collection are still available. I need Gem of Roses – Mid-tone Strawberry Pink lipstick and Warmth of Coral – Mélange Coral, Peach blush on. Thank you

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Riza,

      This is a limited edition collection and probably already sold out. Do check with the MAC counters, though; perhaps they might still have stock.

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