Sabon Haul

My husband was in the Netherlands recently and came across a Sabon store in The Hague. Some US friends of mine are fans of this brand, so I was quite excited when he showed me a photo of the store.

According to the brand, their products are formulated with herbs and botanicals, as well as natural essential oils. A good thing that they do is use recyclable packaging and biodegradable packing material.

After a few quick WhatsApp messages with me, my hubs popped into the store and emerged with:

  • Sabon Shower Gel in Lavender
  • Sabon Handmade Glycerine Soaps in Grass, Green Tea and Kiwi Mango
  • Sabon Scented Round Candles in Lavender

The 500 ml glass bottle of the shower gel looks like something straight out of an apothecary with its dark brown hue and quaint label font. The scent is authentic and not too sharp (certain lavender scents have an edge I can’t abide by).

I gave this to my mother-in-law who certainly needs the relaxation, given all that she does for the family!

I’d told my hubs to purchase these soaps after seeing their photos on the Sabon website – they look like colourful pieces of agar agar (tropical gelatin desserts)!

The actual products don’t really resemble the ones on the website but are fairly pretty all the same. I haven’t opened them but a cursory sniff revealed a subtle fragrance.

The candles were BOGOF, so he came home with two of them. According to Sabon, the wicks are long-burning and ozone-friendly. The floral clouds on the candles look a little like white or snow fungus (bái mù ěr/白木耳,a gelatinous fungus usually used in Chinese dessert soups). I’m a little tickled by how the products are reminding me of sweet treats. : )~

I’m looking forward to burning this candle while I labour at home – the subtle and soothing lavender scent will be much-welcomed!

Image source: Sabon NYC


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