Review | Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil

MAC Cleanse Off Oil is my holy grail of cleansing oils; as such, every other cleansing oil that I try is measured against it. Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil is comparable but alas, it seems to turn rancid more quickly than I like. So it was with some measure of joy to discover that the press sample of Frēshel’s cleansing oil which I received a while back not only approaches the standard set by the MAC, it also doesn’t turn bad as fast as the Fancl. Better yet, it costs less than the MAC and will only set you back S$24 (180 ml), compared to the S$46 (150 ml) of the latter.

The true test lies in the removal of stubborn eye makeup such as waterproof eyeliners and mascaras, of course – happily, this cleansing oil does the job reasonably well. Waterproof mascaras like those from Majolica Majorca and the new one from The Body Shop take a little more effort (here, the MAC has an edge) but the Frēshel is efficacious as a whole. It’s also good for cleaning off waterproof sunscreens.

There isn’t much resistance when massaging off makeup, although it has a slightly thicker consistency than the MAC when emulsified, so it takes a tad longer to rinse off. As with all cleansing oils, I follow up with a foaming cleanser, to ensure the complete removal of makeup.

Overall, this cleansing oil:

  • is runny enough to quickly dissolve the makeup on my face
  • doesn’t sting (or stink!)
  • easily removes almost all my waterproof makeup
  • is affordable

Unfortunately, acne-prone skin should stay away from this one – it contains the highly-comedogenic ethylhexyl palmitate. If you’re affected by mineral oil, this is something to avoid too – mineral oil is listed as the first ingredient in this product.

Here are the details of this cleansing oil found on the Kanebo Frēshel website:

A cleansing oil formulated with olive oil that clears away hard-to-remove makeup, keratin plugs, and old keratin containing melanin, the cause of dark spots and dullness, all at one time. This product also includes vegetable-derived moisturizing ingredients (citrus peel extract and Japanese basil extract). Gentle on the skin and leaves it smooth and silky, free from any roughness. Easy to use, even with wet hands.

  • Olive oil (vegetable-derived cleansing ingredient)
  • Citrus peel extract (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)
  • Japanese basil extract (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)

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