EOTD | A Fred Farrugia Eye

At the request of my beauty pal, Iris, here’s a quick eye I did with my Fred Farrugia eyeshadows. Thanks to the blendability of the colours, this look didn’t take long – and I only had so many minutes in the makeup play window of time that the little one gave me during her nap!

Made in France, the shadows are essentially smooth mattes with an almost-satin finish, save for the beige (it has a clear satin finish with a touch of shimmer) and the pure black (a flat matte). They all apply effortlessly and blend seamlessly into one another for a quick, finished look.

I have a fondness for the beige – it imparts a subtle gleam to offset the deep tones. I also love the black cherry black which has an underlying purple tone reminiscent of the fruit.

I used:

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a base
  • The reddened chocolate on the lid
  • The greyed olive in the socket indent, blending it with the browned taupe
  • The beige from socket to brow
  • The cherry black on the upper lash line, blending into the chocolate; the matte black more confined to the lash line, blending into the cherry black
  • The deeper shades on the lower lash line over a brown pencil

I used the cherry black on my brows too, tempering it with the taupe.

Above is the same look but in different lighting. The shadows are superbly pigmented and the result reminded me somewhat of my Sleek Oh So Special smokey eye. However, the FF shadows are more refined and I experience very little shadow fallout with them.

The modular system of these compact shadows is a draw for me and they make very good travel companions. Now, if only I had a faraway place to take them to! ;)


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