Review | Sleek Makeup Molten Metal Eyeshadow Duo in Steel and Ash

I recently received Sleek Makeup Molten Metal Eyeshadow Duo in Steel and Ash from the brand for reviewing purposes. In two stunning metallic shades, this product lives up to its name.

Steel is a foiled silver, while Ash is a graphite with metallic reflects (my camera seems to pick up some plum shimmer in its composition).

Steel, Ash and Ash over Steel

They have intensity of colour and a strong metallic finish but – and it’s a huge but – they are too creamy for everyday application. I’m surprised the brand makes the claim that they are crease-free, for they’re far from that. They can be easily picked up from the pan with brush and fingertip, transferring evenly onto the skin, yet these redeeming factors cannot outweigh the fact that they won’t last very long on the lids, thanks to their emollient texture. They aren’t greasy – as mentioned, they apply evenly – but they will crease.

A good shadow base might help to prolong their wear but on their own, they’re best used for photo shoots, runway looks or short artistic performances; they are hardly practical for everyday wear. Even when using them for dinner parties, you must be sure to set them well. And while they seem perfect for clubbing, I doubt they’ll last the night, not to mention the wee hours of the morning, given their overt creaminess. The colours are gorgeous and certainly on-trend; it’s a pity the formula isn’t as stellar.

If you’d like to experiment with them, this duo retails at £6.99 at Superdrug in the UK and US$10.50 on the Sleek website.

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